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Product Descriptions:

- Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the animal repeller produces a discomforting but not harmful high frequency sound range.

- Effectively stops the unfriendly and aggressive animals from approaching towards user's premises zone for as far as 20 Feet radius area.

- It also comes with anti-bark function. 

- Great for joggers, walkers, cyclists, police, home inspectors, and fire or rescue teams etc. 

- Made of lightweight, high-impact resistance plastic that includes low battery indicator and 900MAH/A polymer battery.



- Motion detection

- Antibark function 


Package Content:

1 x Ultrasonic Dog Pet Repeller Training Device

1 x Owner's Manual


1. Effectiveness of the animal repeller are based on emission of sound and many factors that can determine its performance such as: distances, temperament and vulnerability of the animal. It will not be effective on a deaf animal.

2. Do not test the device on your own pets, to prevent them from confusion due to loyalty instincts.

3. Do not let the unit come in contact with water. It is not water-proof.

4. When the red LED light flashing quickly, please charge the device immediately.

5. Please fully charge the device and keep it in a dry place when not in-used.


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