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Aspectek Bark Stop PRO™ Animal Deterrent / Repellent




Product Descriptions:

  • The Bark Stop PRO™ is the industry's most advanced outdoor animal/ pests deterrent / repellent product.
  • It uses ultrasonic technology as well as sonic alarm to repel animals/ pests from your garden, yard or outdoor area etc.
  • The device is environmentally friendly, safe for humans and pets, and won't even harm the animal/ pests you want to repel.
  • The ultrasonic technology provide two effective functions in one device: a) Dog Silencer: The ultrasonic is safe for your dog and provides a consistent message to put an end to nuisance barking; b) Ultrasonic Pests/ Animals Repeller: The device is safe for humans and pets and a humane way to repel pests/ animals



Product Features:

  • AC adapter
  • 10m (33 feet) extension cord
  • Battery-Option: Requires for C batteries (batteries are optional)
  • Intelligent Power System (IPS): A/C power will take priority over battery when both are installed. In the case of power failure, device will switch to battery mode when they are installed
  • Ultrasonic: Adjustable frequencies only pests/ animal can hear
  • Sonic: Audible alarm and harassment noise.
  • Modes: Motion sensor or Constant
  • Infrared Motion Sensor: Detects pests/ animals in range and activates the device
  • Dog Bark Sensor: Detects barking dogs and activates the device.
  • Operating Time: Select Day, Night or 24 Hours
  • Remote Control: Four-button remote (Turbo, Standby, Training, Ultrasonic) with a replaceable 27A 12V Battery
  • Weather resistance



Package Content:




Product Manual:


Aspectek Dog Bark Stop Pro Silencer Device Manual



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