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Now that the weather is warming up, we all want to find weekend activities that include our dog. Here are some dog-friendly hiking trails that you and your pup can do together.

We explain each trail distance, if they are easy (and suitable for old dogs) or if they’re a bit harder. We also make sure to tell you which hiking trails your pup can be off-leash, with a variety of hiking trails locations around Perth, there is bound to be a dog-friendly walk close to you.

Where can I take my dog in Perth?

1. Noble Falls Walk Trail


With wildflowers, waterfalls and plenty of wildlife, the Noble Falls Walk Trail won’t disappoint. The trail starts at the Noble Falls picnic area (across from the Noble Falls tavern) and follows the Wooroloo Brook and loops back for a total of 3.6 kilometres.

This dog-friendly hike adjoins a reserve, so you’ll see plenty of native wildlife along the way. Dogs are allowed off leash, as long as you have complete control over them. There are also free electric barbecues, so you and your pup can have a feast after!

2. Ellis Brook Valley


The Ellis Brook Valley has a few dog-friendly walks and is stunning in both winter and summer. In winter the sixty-foot waterfalls are in full swing, but in summer you get crystal clear views of Perth and plenty of beautiful wildlife to admire

There are a variety of dog-friendly walks to try, with the Easy Walk Trail (a 500m loop), the moderate Eagle View Trail and the steep 2km Sixty Foot Falls Trail. For the avid hiker, there is also the 9km walk trail between Ellis Brook Valley and Bickley Reservoir

Though this hike is allowed dogs, your pup must stay on a leash. There are picnic tables available but no rubbish bins, so be prepared to take your waste home with you. There is also a residential mob of kangaroos who call the valley home, see if you can spot them!

ellis brooke valley dog friendly walk

3. Jorgensen Park Walk


The Jorgensen Park dog-friendly walk has plenty of wide, open space and runs along the Bibbulmun track. It runs around the old Kalamunda golf course, so you’ll be walking over old fairways and through parts of the Bibbulmun Track. This loop is 2.7km long and is considered a moderate walk.

You do have to keep your dog on the leash, but throughout this dog-friendly hike, signs are telling you when you can let your dog off-leash.

4. Railway Reserves Heritage Hill

Perth Hills

The Railway Reserves Heritage Hill trail is a 41km loop that follows the old Eastern Railway. This hike goes through the John Forrest national park, so you won’t be able to complete the full loop with your dog. Most of the trail is accessible by road, so check out a trail map and find a section, not in the national park, that suits you.

There are plenty of picnic facilities and cafes to choose from along the way, so you’ll have plenty of options for places to eat.

5. Bells Rapids


Bells Rapids is one of the most well-known spots along the Avon Descent, the annual white-water race held in August. And we understand why, with beautiful views, grey kangaroos and stunning wildflowers, this dog-friendly walk has it all.

There are two dog-friendly hikes, the easy 2.5km River Walk and the steeper 3km Goat Walk to try, your dog can be off-leash for these hikes. With plenty of picnic areas, good parking and toilet facilities, these hiking trails are perfect for a full day of fun.

6.Whistlepipe Gully Walk


The Whistlepipe Gully Walk is a 3.5km loop that is family-friendly and moderately easy. This dog-friendly trail follows a narrow river, along the way you’ll see views of Perth, granite formations, what’s left of a heritage house and some small waterfalls.

You’ll have to keep your dog on the leash for this walk, and it’s the perfect walk for the dog (or human) who isn’t as fit as they used to be. This dog-friendly hike is great year-round, but in winter the waterfalls are gushing, and in spring the wildflowers are in full bloom.

7. Jarrahdale Heritage Railway Trail


This 10km dog-friendly loop trail is stunning, follow the old railway and see small creeks, large boulders and gorgeous views of the hills. You will need to keep your dog on a leash for this hike.

On a warm day, take a dip with the kids and the dog in the Gingagup Brook to cool off. The historic trail markers, stunning hill views and shady picnic spots make the Jarrahdale Heritage Railway Trail a great spot for a full day of family fun.

8. Zamia Trail


The Bold Park Zamia trail is a great inner-city hike that allows dogs. This dog-friendly walk is a 5.1km loop that is easy-moderate in difficulty. You’ll need to keep your dog on its leash for this hike and make sure you pick up after it along the way.

You’ll be starting and finishing at the top of Reabold Hill, and fun fact, this is the highest natural point along the metropolitan coast.

9. Spectacles Aboriginal Heritage Trail


The Spectacles Aboriginal Heritage Trail is a 5.1km dog-friendly loop through the Beeliar regional park. You’ll need to keep your dog on a leash for this dog-friendly walk, as there are plenty of birds that your pup might want to chase

Throughout the dog-friendly hike there are information boards that explain the trail, the stunning wildlife and the Aboriginal history of the area. There is also a bird hide, so you can watch the huge variety of birds that live in the area without scaring them away.

10. Kep Track


Walking along the old railway line from Mundaring to Northam, the Kep Track dog-friendly hike is 75km long. But don’t worry, you can easily complete chunks of the hike as it is accessible through Mundaring, Sawyers Valley, Mount Helena, Wundowie, Bakers Hill and Clackline.

big dog on dog friendly walks perth

Are Dogs Allowed In National Parks in Western Australia?

After reading through our recommendations, you might be wondering why your dog can’t go into certain areas of a hike or trail. It is an offence to bring your dog into a national park in Western Australia.

Why Are Dogs Banned From National Parks?

There are multiple reasons why you can’t bring your dog into a national park, and why you should stick to the dog friendly walks in Perth .

Don’t Disrupt the Wildlife

The sight, sound and smell of your dog (or other domestic animals) can be enough to cause the native animals stress. In order to keep them in their homes and with their young, domestic animals cannot go near them.

Avoid Poisonous Baits

Poisonous (1080) baits are often laid to control the population of foxes or other pests. We have, unfortunately, heard a few stories of a dog who was wandering and ate some 1080 poison. Once consumed, there isn’t anything you can do to stop your dog from passing.

Avoid an Attack

By leaving your dog at home, they aren’t at risk of being bitten by a snake or attacked by a kangaroo or a goanna. These creatures can all cause serious harm to your beloved dog.

When Is the Best Time to do a Dog-Friendly Walk?

The best time to go on a dog-friendly walk depends on the trail your about to walk. Most of the trails listed above will have the best waterfalls and rivers in winter, and the most wildflowers in spring. However, you can walk them all year round.

One thing to note is if you walk in summer, make sure it’s not during the middle of the day in the peak heat. Both you and your dog will dehydrate faster, plus you run the greater risk of getting sunburnt or hurting your dog’s paw pads.

Tips for a Safe Dog Friendly Walk

Here are a few tips to consider when taking your pup on dog friendly walks Perth.

Keep Your Dog on the Leash

We know it’s nice to have your dog wander and explore on their own, and that there aren’t many opportunities for them to do so. But consider keeping your dog on the leash, you don’t know if you’ll come across a dog that isn’t well socialised or a person who is afraid of dogs.

It also means you’ll know when your dog does its business and can clean up after it, you still need to do this even though you’re in the bush.

Stick To the Paths

With or without your dog, to avoid getting lost or into a sticky situation, make sure you stick to the paths. Often the path is easier and safer to walk along, plus you’ll see every trail marker by sticking to them.

Take Plenty of Water

Often these dog-friendly hikes don’t have anywhere for you to top up your water bottles, so make sure you bring enough water for both you and your pup.

Be Mindful of Others

These dog-friendly walks get busier as we get closer to summer. Make sure you are considerate of others throughout your hike, give others space to walk along the path, pick up your waste and don’t let your dog jump on others.

Beware of Snakes

Friendly reminder that these dog-friendly hikes are in Australia, and when your hiking in Australia you need to make sure you are aware that you could be hiking with a snake near you.

Make sure you wear solid footwear, don’t handle or attack a snake if you see one, stay on the path, avoid long grasses and keep your dog away from any snakes you see.

Pick Up After Your Dog

Make sure you pick up after your dog, you can’t leave your dog's waste behind. If you do and a ranger notices, the trail may no longer be dog-friendly in the future.

Consider investing in a dog travel accessory to make the ride smoother for your pup. Whatever size your dog is, we’ve got a comfortable travel accessory for you.

If you have any questions or comments about trails that allowed dogs in Perth or dog training in general, call or email our customer support team, we love to help!

Dog friendly walksDog friendly walks perth

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