lLarge dog next to a Slither Away Snake Repeller being put into the ground

Snakes, Slither Away!

Snakes are, and can be, a real problem during the summer months here in Australia. Sometimes being ‘on the look out’ simply isn’t enough to keep your family and precious pets safe from the dangers of snakes! 


Our Top Snake-Repelling Tips

There are a few other things you can do to help prevent snakes from entering your gardens:

Clean up all loose leave/ground matter. This includes files of ‘tree droppings’ as well as an excessive build up of loose soil. Snakes love to make themselves home in these foliage based areas.

Tidy up and remove any rubbish you have around your home, don’t leave piles of ‘to the tip’ pieces in your shed or garage. Place all unwanted items into storage, this removes the element of surprise as snakes now have nowhere to hide.

Keep your grass trimmed! Long grass is not only a snake hazard for you, its a snake hazard for your pets and children. Without clear vision of our grass base we cannot see snakes slithering along. This a must do in the summer!

Be aware! On hot days investigate where your dog is sniffing, never assume they are barking at nothing. Check cubby houses and tree houses before your young children enter as well as clean out your garden sheds, be aware these are hot spots for snakes!

Invest in Slither Away Snake Repellers!

Solar Powered, and available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 Packs to suit your needs, they can be used all around your home to help keep it snake-free. 

Suggested areas in the home include: the backyard, kids play house, garden sheds, aviaries and poultry runs, kennels, and right across rural properties.

Check out the range of Slither Away Snake Repellers and Shop Now!

These are the BEST Snake Repellers on the market! 

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