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Why Do Dogs Bark ?

Here at eDog, our main concern from customers is dogs barking! Aside from the reoccurring issue in their own lives, pet owners tend to worry about the ways in which it can effect their neighbours!

Barking is your dogs way of communicating with you! Think of it like this, as humans we have verbal language, body language, physical touch, hand gestures and many more ways to interact to get one one another's attention. Dogs on the other hand, have very limited recourses at their disposal. 


“A dog may bark for a number of reasons: to induce play, discipline young, warn of danger, threaten intruders, or it may bark because it’s curious. None of these reasons tend to result in excessive or annoying barking – barking is short-lived and specific to an occasion. Barking for companionship or for reward (food, freedom, etc.) is the most likely to develop into problem barking.” - K9 CONTROL

There are many theories on bark problems however we think it's best to keep it simple. Dogs bark to tell us something, it's then our job to figure out what it is their trying to say! Does your dog need to be exercised ? is your dog hungry ? Sore ? Scared ? Here are a few quick breakdowns to make it easy.

1. Genetics
Some breeds are more prone to barking (e.g. terriers) although almost any breed can exhibit excessive barking.

2. Physical Need
The dog is hot, cold, hungry or thirsty. This is the dog’s way of requesting that you accommodate one of its needs. A dog may become a problem barker due to insufficient exercise – the dog’s pent-up energy is released through barking.

3. Emotional Need
The dog is bored, excited or anxious. This can be the dog’s way of requesting attention, or may be a compulsive behaviour resulting from a frustrated need for social and/or mental stimulation.

4. Environment
Improper confinement (restrictive tethering, being locked in a pen alone for long periods, lack of shelter) can all lead to a dog that barks excessively. Additionally, excessive barking may be triggered by environmental cues (other dogs barking, passing cars, sirens,
storms, etc.).


It is when we have done all of this research and observation and the barking doesn’t stop that we need to step in as responsible pet owners and neighbours. Products such a bark collars and citronella spray collars are never intended to harm dogs however are great to enforce boundaries for your dog to understand when it is or isn’t acceptable to bark. Humans are the pack leaders, dogs respond much better when they understand that balance.


Need some help to stop your dog barking ?




The Barktec Citronella Spray Bark Control Collar was designed to stop nuisance barking in most dogs safely and effectively. The harmless citronella spray is scientifically proven to be the most effective solution to nuisance barking available today. Any time your dog barks, the Barktec Citronella Spray Bark Control Collar sprays harmless citronella burst at his lower jaw making it a completely harmless and painless anti-bark collar.

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Backed by over 10 years of expertise, the BarkWise No Shock Humane Training Collar with Ultrasonic Sound, Vibration and Remote is the industry’s #1 humane, shock- free collar. Our completely safe and effective humane dog training collar from BarkWise was designed to be easy to use and eco-friendly with it’s simple controls and rechargeable long-life battery. Train your dog to stop excessive barking, howling and yapping with the BarkWise No Shock Humane Training Collar and select from Ultrasonic Sound, Vibration or both.

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The Dogtra IQ Dog No Bark offers a wide range of popular features that make training your dog to stop barking easy. Designed for small-medium-large dogs, the Dogtra iQ Dog No Bark Collar is the industry’s first ergonomically designed bark collar made with plastic conductive probes that are less intrusive and that allow the collar to be left on for longer periods of time. Your dog will respond better when they feel comfortable and you will feel better knowing that the Dogtra iQ Dog No Bark Collar is one of the safest no bark collars we sell.


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Looking for more info ?

Take a read of this great RSPCA article!

'My Dog Is Barking Excessively. What Should I Do ?'





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