AETERTEK AT-216D™ Dog Remote Training Collar

AetertekSKU: AT-TC-216-1

Version: 1 Dog
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Customer Reviews

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Annette Treloar
Great service

I had a problem with 1 ( other 1 working fine) of the controllers on the day of use. The response was quick and emailed return label. I explained I wasn't able to post back straight away as I was to attend the hospital for a procedure. No problem, new unit to be sent to me straight away.
I cannot remember a seller being so obliging. I can highly recommend this seller and product.

Michelle Grootveld
Great product

This product had an immediate affect on my husky only utilising the vibrate option. Extremely satisfied and hope the device has no issues long-term.

Brooke ODea
Excellent Results - highly recommended

I am so happy I finally ordered this product. Our dogs would bark and run around the yard going crazy at motorbikes, delivery vans and the postman every day. We had tried to control this behaviour using mainstream methods but one day in his frenzy my larger dog ran into me sending my flying into a wall - I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time and I thought “that’s enough”. Now 3 weeks later and the postman comes and the dogs will let off one of two barks but they don’t go into a frenzy and everything is much more clam. I am only using the buzz/vibration mode too.

Other positives - super fast postage and wonderful customer service after I had some minor issues with the collar that were very promptly resolved.

Donald Morrison
The best

This is the second anti bark product iv bought I’m just sorry it wasn’t the first as I would have never needed to buy a second one. It work’s and I’m very greatfull for solving a most annoying and persistent problem I had with my noisey and adorable Malamute cheers.

Heidi Maher
So far, so good!

I’m writing this review two days into using this device on my Kelpie cross Cattle dog 6mth old puppy.

He is responding very well!
Yesterday we had visitors and normally he would jump and snap, too excited and we would be unable to control him.

With the AT- 216D (only on #1or#2) they were able to enter the gate sit and pat him
🙌 he is learning NOT to lunge at cars and cyclists also.
I used the device whilst also saying “argh” so we can eventually reach the stage of associating “argh” with the buzz.
He is a smart dog and hopefully he will learn good habits in no time 🤞

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