Snuggle Puppy ™ Dog Toy With Heart Beat & Heat Pad

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Snuggle PuppySKU: ED-TY-SG01

Snuggle Color: Brown Mutt
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Customer Reviews

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Rhiannon Paterson

The snuggle puppy has settled my puppy in her crate so so fast. I’m an in awe. Before, she would cry for hours on end and now she cries for like 10 minutes and then goes and sleeps next to her snuggle puppy. Highly recommend for anxious pups or ones that are just settling into their new home!!

Getting ready for another puppy …….

Am considering introducing a new puppy to our 8 year old Lab, so thought this might be a way of getting her used to the presence of another …….. She came to us when we had an 8 and 9 year pair of Labs and she spent all her early days curled up with either one. We lost them at 13 and 15 years old so she’s been on her own for the last 3 years. Anyway, she certainly gave it attention and snuggled into it when she first went to bed but once physical contact was lost we had to reintroduce it.

Tatiana Pereira
8 week cavoodle puppy

I am normally don’t write any reviews but I must say, I am blown away with this toy. Our little cavoodle puppy loves sleeping on her teddy.


My puppy is gorgeous & cuddly! The grandchildren are loving it too whilst they await the arrival of the real deal… a Moodle puppy. The little heartbeat is assisting with their sleep… so I hold great promise that our puppy too will sleep well & settle easily🐶🙏🏻💗

Lynne Sparkes
Soothing Snuggle Puppy

I am hoping our Puppy will love the Snuggle Puppy Heart Beat Toy and it will Soothe him when is is a little nervous and when he goes to bed at night

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