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Alana Capitanio

Easy to use, great size sleek design.
Easy to operate.

Food portions are a bit too big and the feeder tray could come out a little further but great products best one by far.

Great feeder, but keep a few things in mind before buying (for cats)

+ Works like it's supposed to (reliable). I like the fact that you can add batteries for backup, because the settings will reset if the feeder turns off
+ Stylish: it doesn't take up much space width-wise, and the white colour with black features looks really nice.
+ Easy to work with: simply set the time and then the four feeding times. If you don't use all feeding times, just set the portion size to 0.
+ Great price. I've seen so many feeders with similar features that are much more expensive.

Now, we'd probably still purchase this feeder knowing the following, but it might be something to consider:
- The portion sizes are large for a single, indoor cat. One portion size is 40-50 grams, which doesn't sound like a lot, but especially with small, dry cat food, this equals like a really big handful of food that will be served in one portion. It's about three times as much what our cat would normally get per serving. With some cardboard, we made the tray inside a bit smaller to reduce the portion size, but it's still quite a lot. Not that our cat minds it..

If you're cat is stops eating once it's full, a bigger portion won't be a problem at all. However, for cats that tend to overeat (and even puke because they ate too much too fast), I would consider choosing a pet feeder that's specifically designed for cats and offers smaller portion sizes. We did a bit of DIY to find a way around it.

- The record feature sounds really bad. It's nothing like when you'd record your voice or music with your phone for example. But it does its job in all fairness. We recorded a short music clip, and from the beginning our cat KNEW that meant food whenever it would play. However, once you've recorded something, you can't undo it. Like, you can't turn off this feature, even when you pull the plug to reset the settings. The recording will still be there. So we just dealt with it by recording complete silence for a second or two. Whenever the feeder plays the recording, we'll hear some white noice. Also, the recording will play with each mealtime, even if the portion size is set to 0. That's why we recorded the 'white noise', so it doesn't start playing music right through an at-home conference call :)

One final though: our cat played us big time the first few days we used this feeder. She always wakes us up for breakfast around 6.15am, so I thought this feeder would be perfect because we don't have to get out of bed to feed her. However, there is no app or anything to see whether the feeder actually fed the cat or not. So, our cat would get her food from the feeder, go to our room and pretended she never got the food. Sneaky...!!! I know some feeders do have this option, which might be better for some people. We used the recording so we'd hear that she would get her food. However, since the recording always plays with every meal time (and we only feed her through the feeder early in the morning), our solution was to pop some water in the feeder's tray right before going to bed. If the water is gone (which is always the case because the feeder always works), I knew she had her food through the feeder.

Overall, we're really happy with the feeder: it works, it's reliable, easy to use and looks great, all for a great price. There are just a few things to keep in mind or find a way around it.

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