Shock Collars

These static shock collars will safely help train your dog begin to realise when it is and isn't okay to bark. The 'shock' given through these collars is not painful though acts as simple reminder. Each remote gives the user the option to select intensity levels, this safety feature enables every collar to suit the individual needs of your dog.
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Dogtra YS600 Dog Bark Collar-Medium Large Stubborn Dog
$188.00 AUD Regular price $225.00 AUD
Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar- small-medium dog
Regular price $179.00 AUD
AETERTEK AT-918C™ Dog Remote Training Collar+Auto Bark
$149.00 AUD Regular price $178.00 AUD
Aetertek AT-919A Bark Control Collar -Medium Large Dog
$99.99 AUD Regular price $158.00 AUD
Dogtra YS200 Dog Bark Collar- tiny dogs
$139.00 AUD Regular price $178.00 AUD
AETERTEK GT-211D™ Dog Remote Training Collar- Rechargeable Mini Collar
$129.00 AUD Regular price $148.00 AUD
D.T. Systems Mini No Bark Collar Ultra E2090
$129.00 AUD Regular price $178.00 AUD

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