Static Shock Remote Training Collars

Static Shock Remote Training Collars deter barking by emitting a safe static shock at the time of your choosing. Unlike automatic training collars you as the owner are in control of 'when' and the level of shock. This style of manual training works very well if you are training out an issue that is not as repetitive (barking at certain things rather than everything) or to discourage rough play at the dog park, biting, fence jumping etc.. 

Through the repetitive nature of static shock your dog will begin to realise when it is and isn't okay to do the action. The 'shock' given through these collars is not painful though acts as simple reminder. Each remote gives the user the option to select intensity levels, this safety feature enables every collar to suit the individual needs of your dog.

These collars are not invasive and should not be viewed as a punishment, they are a training tool which provides relief to pet owners and guidance to their animal. Safe and easy to use, do not be intimidated or unsure, we only stock the highest quality world wide.

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