Good Life Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT Indoor Ultrasonic 5 in 1 Pest Repeller

Good Life Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT Indoor Ultrasonic 5 in 1 Pest Repeller
The #1 Electronic Pest Control Repeller Uses Innovative 5-in-1 Technology
The Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT is our newest and strongest pest repeller yet, with tremendous ion-pumping power and louder ultrasonic sound waves. Schools, hotels and customers worldwide enjoy an environment free of ants, roaches, mice, silverfish, bed bugs, centipedes, scorpions, and more thanks to the Ultimate AT. These contractor-grade electronic pest control technologies are now available to you at a fraction of the cost of traditional exterminators!
Ultrasonic Technology
Unlike cheaper products, the Ultimate AT's high pressure transducer delivers powerful ultrasonic frequencies up to 465 sqare metres. These frequencies are inaudible to humans, meaning that you can enjoy your peace and quiet while rodents and insects are bombarded with loud, disorienting and unpleasant sound that ricochets off walls and solid objects.
Ultrasonic Sound and Household Pets
While rare, it is possible that some cats and dogs may hear the sounds produced by the Ultimate AT. Each pet and situation is different, so our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee will give you time to use the AT around your pets and ensure it doesn’t bother them.
Electromagnetic Technology (Powered by Electro-Vibrawave™)
Our exclusive Electro-Vibrawave™ technology uses the frequency already found in the wiring in your home to repel pests nested in walls and cracks. It is designed to be safe around people and home electronics while at the same time irritating the nervous system of pests like rodents and insects, which easily pick up changes in electromagnetic frequencies.
Ionic Technology
The Ultimate AT's Ultra-Ionic technology releases streams of beneficial negative ions into the air that pull harmful pollutants, bacteria and dust mites from the atmosphere while warding off all types of insects and rodents. This works in two ways:
  • The ions released are similar to those released before an approaching storm, causing pests to seek shelter elsewhere
  • These same ions help to neutralize odors that may attract pests.
The Ultimate AT Won't Harm Your Pets
Unlike traditional pest control methods that can pose a danger to you, your family, and pets, the Ultimate AT uses powerful yet harmless technology to get rid of pests. Enjoy a pest-free home without worrying about stepping on a snap trap or your pet eating poisons.
**While the AT is completely safe, each pet and situation is different. We recommend monitoring your pet’s behaviour for the first 48 hours to ensure they aren’t bothered by the sound emitted.
Where Should I Use the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT?
The Ultimate AT is easy to use, just plug it into an outlet in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, garage, attic, work place, or wherever you’d like to repel pests.
Use the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT to repel ants, roaches, mice, silverfish, bed bugs, centipedes and scorpions (also squirrels & bats if they are inside the walls of your home).
No Toxic Chemicals, Poisons or Traps! Safe for Your Family & the Environment 5-in-1 Technology Including Ultrasonic,
Electromagnetic and Ionic Pest Control Easy to Use - Just Plug It In!
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • "A" Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • LED Nightlight with Light Sensor
  • Prevent insects and rodents from adding to your busy life
  • Plug it in and forget it
  • Save your time for your home and family
  • No toxic chemicals, poisons & traps
  • Sound Distance of up to 465 sq. metres (sound will not travel through walls)
  • Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 45 mm (approx.)
  • Power: AC 220-240v 50hz
  • Power Consumption: 0.8 W
  • Pulse interval:
    • Ultrasonic wave: 1 sec.~ 4 sec. on, 0.5 sec.~ 2 sec. off
    • Electromagnetic wave: 0.5 sec ~ 2 sec. on, 1 sec. ~ 4 sec. off
  • Instruction Manual
How Much Coverage Do I Need?
The number of Pest Repeller Ultimate® ATs needed for optimal coverage will vary based on your situation. Ultrasonic sound waves are blocked by solid objects like walls and furniture. For this reason, we typically recommend one unit per affected room.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Identify how many rooms are affected by pests.
  • Ensure there is an electrical outlet available that will allow the ultrasonic sound to travel through the room without being blocked by objects.
  • Place units throughout your home to help prevent pests from spreading to other rooms.


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