Houndhouse Dog Kennel - Size: S, M, L, XL [ size:XL ]



Small Kennel + Mat included
Dimensions: 54L x 48W x 48H cm
Kennel weight: 4kg
Breed size: Miniature Breeds, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, cats, etc
Medium Kennel + Mat included
Dimensions: 62L x 58W x 63H cm
Kennel weight: 5kg
Breed size: Jack Russells, Spaniel, smaller hounds, etc
Large Kennel + Mat included
Dimensions: 84L x 73W x 80H cm
Kennel weight: 7kg
Breed size: Staffy, Kelpie, Collie, etc

Extra Large + Mat included
Dimensions: 102L x 84W x 93H cm
Kennel weight: 9kg
Breed size: Big Boys' Rottys, Shepherds, Retrievers, etc

Whether your dog needs shelter, warmth or somewhere to bed there is no better option than a HOUNDHOUSE dog Kennel.

These unique HoundHouse dog kennels are hygienic, lightweight, collapsible, weatherproof, easy clean shelters, which prevent fleas & are cool in summer & warm in winter. The perfect vetinary approved kennel for permanent housing, camping, travelling or storage.

Quality made HoundHouse dog kennels are a trademarked & patented Australian invention - Owned and operated.

1. Will my dog chew the Hound House?
Most animals find the proofing in the canvas of the Hound House dog kennel very distasteful & won't chew it. This is not dangerous to your dog. We do still suggest stop chew sprays & food chew toys such as the Hound House Breaky Bone. It takes a measured insert of delicious nutritious dry food to keep the bugger from chewing anything else. Don't stop replacing the food in the chew toy.

2. Will it be too cold or hot?
The canvas material has a thermal breathing insulation quality that cannot be reproduced with tin, wood, plastic or nylon. The Hound House also comes with a canvas tie-in scratch resistant mat for extra comfort, on top of the comfy fiberglass mesh floor. This is what makes the Hound House the most comfortable hygienic kennel available on the market.

3. My dog digs
The canvas mat is scratch resistant, that is, the proofing in the mat waxes up causing a glaze over the surface and the fibreglass mesh base is very strong holding up to 85kg+.

4. How waterproof is it?
The manufacturers of the material suggest reproofing every 6-12 months depending on the conditions the material is subjected to. Hound House recommends that it be proofed whenever it's deemed necessary. Canvas proof sprays can be purchased from Hound House, shoe stores & camping stores everywhere.

5. Warranties & guarantees
The Hound House is like most pet products with no warranties or guarantees other than manufacture of a faulty product.

6. My dog won't sleep in that!
Heard it too many times & it's probably true with most timber, tin, or plastic kennels. A dog has a natural instinct to sleep in a den like situation with a hollow for its belly in the floor, this is why the Hound House works so well. The floor sinks in the middle to allow for belly curl & the canvas hood means nothing can sneak up from behind. This makes your canine feel safe & comfortable, even in thunder storms.

7. Can I get replacement parts, ie Mats, and Hoods.?



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