HUSHER™ Elastic Training Dog Muzzle [ husher size:9 ]


Husher Size
HUSHER™ Elastic Training Dog Muzzle

** Please refer to size chart below to purchase the suitable muzzle size for your dog**

  • The world's most effective and humane elastic training aid for reducing barking, chewing, biting & aggression.
  • It allows the dog to pant, eat and drink while wearing it.
  • It is used as training aid to teach dogs not to bark inappropriately.
  • It was developed to help calm a persistently barking dog. Utilising your dog's own body receptors through a technique called ”maintained pressure”. It redirects your dog's focus and reduces unwanted, nuisance barking.
  • It provides an alternative approach to behaviour modification through the application of light and maintained pressure around the mouth of the dog​.
  • Made from stretchable material with webbing around the elastic to limit the expansion of the dog's snout.
  • The elastic exerts a firm yet humane pressure around the snout, similar to what a canine pack leader applies to maintain dominance.
  • As the dog barks while wearing the HusherTM, its controlled expansion tires the dog's muscles easily. This method is effective in breaking dog's nuisance behaviour.
  • The neck strap is attached to the elastic and webbing at three points, which makes it very difficult for the dog to remove the HusherTM. The straps are also attached to a buckle which clips at the back of the dog's head




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