NEMTEK 10KM 1J Fence Energizer


These electric fence energizers work with any one of the following power sources making them very flexible.
- mains using our agri universal charger (220 volts)
- battery 12 Vdc, or
- solar and battery 12 Vdc

Agri 1J - up to 10 km of the fence (1 joule)- LCD remote is available to purchase separately.
Fence lengths quoted are for an ideal fence.

Robust design that can be used for both a permanent and temporary electric fencing system. APT - patented technology: What this means is the fence energy is maintained at a higher level than would normally be achievable using a conventional energizer on the same fence, when factors such as poor or damaged insulators, wet insulators after a rainstorm, or salt build up on insulators (at the coast) prevent the fence from supporting a high voltage. A conventional energizer will push all available energy through any significant arcing present on the fence, reducing the effectiveness of the fence. This energizer, with APT control active, will detect any significant arcing and attempt to operate the fence at a voltage just below that at which the arcing occurs, thus maintaining higher energy levels on the fence and improving the effectiveness of the fence. Nemtek is the inventor and patent holder of this innovative technology.

Energizer electronics come with a two-year warranty, subject to our standard terms and conditions.

*Programmable options via the handheld remote
•Adjustable fence operating voltage and pulse rate
• Independent day/night setting of fence voltage and pulse rate
• Accurate control of fence voltage over a wide range of fence conditions
• High-intensity pulse rate and warning indicator
• Battery charge state indication (green/charged, yellow/low, red/discharged)
• Accurate battery voltage reporting and fence voltage reporting
• Energizer overload warning(60%,95%)


Power source: Battery 12 Vdc, Battery and solar or an external power supply 220 AC to 12 Vdc
Weatherproof housing: IP 65
Solar panel minimum size: 1 Joule (14 watts). May vary depending on location
Current consumption max: 1 Joule (0.24 A).
Maximum fence voltage: 1 Joule (10 kV).
Pulse rate: Adjustable from 1 to 4 seconds or random
Dimension: H190 X W115 X D76 mm

Samples of the installation of the energizer (solar panel, battery, and regulator are not included in this purchase)

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