Nemtek Solar Energizer 1KM With Solar Panel


Agri 1 solar energizer with internal battery(AE-SB001)

The 1km solar energizer comes with an internal battery which has a two year factory warranty.

The energizer offers the following features:
• Robust solar bracket and weather-resistant housing

• On/off TAG to switch the energizer on and off
The Nemtek tag is used to toggle the energizer on/off or to toggle the energizer between the low or high power operating state. Hold the tag over the Nemtek logo on the front of the energizer and the energizer will emit a short beep upon detecting the tag.
• Battery charge state indicator
The (energizer) indicator flashes green to indicate high power mode or red to indicate low power mode. The power status indicator(battery) glows green if the battery is bove 50% capacity, glows yellow when the battery capacity falls below 50% and glows red when the battery capacity is below 5%.
• Solar panel charge state indicator
The energizer disconnects the battery when the battery becomes discharged, and will recoonect the battery automatically when solar power is available again. Solar regulator status(solar) is green when the battery is charging, until when the battery is discharging and red when the battery is not connected.
• Deep sleep mode for battery safe mode storage
If the energizer is not actively pulsing, it will automatically disconnect the battery after a short period of time and can be stored away in this state. The battery will automatically get reconnected when solar power is available or Nemtek tag is presented to the energizer.
• Day/night sensor
• Star picket mounting
• Lightning protection


12.8 V
Power consumption: 111mW
Output energy into 500ohm: 0.1J
Maximum fence voltage: 10kV
Environmental rating: IP65
Maximum fence length (optimal fence*):1km
Recommended PV panel: 5W
(Open circuit voltage(max) = 23V)

• Energy: 0.10 Joules output. 0.125 Joules stored
• 5 Watt solar panel included
• Built-in solar regulator: Advanced MPP power
management system


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