Num'axes Canifugue Invisible Dog Fence


Overflowing with energy and often guided by his natural instincts, your faithful companion does not always know his limits and can cause complaints about straying and damages such as: damages to flowerbeds, jumps into swimming pools, etc.

More seriously, he may be the victim or the cause of road accident.

The CANIFUGUE pet fencing is a modern and highly effective system enabling you to keep one or more dogs in complete freedom within a perimeter, fenced or unfenced, you have defined.


The stimulation level of Num'axes Canifugue Electronic Dog Fencing is pre–set at level 4 in the factory for optimal performance. This collar has 8 levels of manual adjustable output. It can be adjusted and set the output to suit different dog's temperament. When the dog enters the containment field, she will hear a two second warning tone. After training she will know to back into the safe part of the yard. By moving forward or staying in the activated area, the collar will deliver a continuous preset level of stimulation until your dog moves back into the yard. The Num'axes Canifugue dog containment system has an over stimulation prevention function, this feature limits stimulation duration to 20 seconds.

Stimulation Modes (levels) Dogs

1, 2, 3

Low Stimulation levels for small and sensitive dogs

4, 5, 6

Medium Stimulation levels for medium dogs


High Stimulation levels for large and stubborn dogs

The Num'axes Canifugue invisible dog fence makes it easy to train your pet by spending 10-15 minutes a day for around 10 days working with your dog. To make training easier for you and your dog, the Num'axes Canifugue includes a training and installation manual which covers all aspects of the training that is required. You can train as many dogs as you want on the same system as long as each dog is wearing a receiver collar which are available if required.  For Highly motivated dogs, larger breeds or stubborn dogs it would be better to consider a rechargeable PAC Invisible Dog Fence

How the Pet Fencing System Works

You define your dog’s play area by installing a wire, called antenna wire, around the authorized perimeter. This wire placed on the ground, buried or raised on an existing fence carries a radio signal from the transmitter.

When your dog, wearing a receiver collar, approaches this wire, he is warned by beep sounds that he is too close to an area where he is not allowed; then if he carries on, static stimulations will be emitted by the collar. Your dog will have to leave the unauthorized area to stop the stimulations and beep sounds.


  • Unlimited number of collars can be used with one transmitter
  • Integrated safety features
  • 8 stimulation levels available on each collar
  • Stimulation settings on the outside of the collar

Reliable and efficient

  • Waterproof collar
  • Collar battery life: approx. 6 months (normal use)


  • 1 Canifugue collar equipped with short contact points
  • 1 black nylon strap
  • 1 3-V CR2 Lithium battery for the collar
  • 1 transmitter
  • 1 power unit for the transmitter
  • 100 m of 0.52 mm² antenna wire
  • 1 set of 3 antenna wire connectors
  • 1 transmitter connector
  • 1 set of 10 flags
  • 1 magnetic key (magnet)
  • 1 pair of long contact points
  • 1 neon test lamp
  • 1 user’s guide
  • Transmitter can cover up to 5 acres area with extra standard wire
  • Transmitter can cover up to 10 acres area with extra 1.5mm gauge wire
  • Suits dog from 5kg in weight
  • Waterproof collar & powered by CR2 lithium battery
  • The antenna wire is placed on the ground, buried or raised on an existing fence.
  • For the system to operate, the wire must be connected to the transmitter and form a continuous loop from the transmitter and back again.
  • Adjustment buttons on the transmitter enable you to increase or decrease the width of the warning and stimulation zones depending on the configuration of your yard and how the wire is laid.
  • An unlimited number of receiver collars can be used with one transmitter: you can keep as many dogs as you wish safely in the same area.
  • 8 stimulation levels are available on each collar so you can adjust the product to our dog (size, sensitivity, temperament).
  • Battery level indicator on the collar

Comes complete with 3 safety features:

  1. Wire break alarm
  2. Warning zone evacuation feature
  3. Stimulation zone evacuation feature


  • Dimensions: 117 x 110 x 28 mm
  • Power: 220 V AC

Receiver collar

  • Weight: 57 g (battery included)
  • Dimensions: 59 x 39 x 31 mm
  • Power: 1 3-V CR2 Lithium battery (supplied)
  • Black nylon strap – length 64 cm - adjustable for neck sizes from 17 up to 55 cm

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