OUTWARD HOUND Cooling Dog Bandana [ size:S ]



Hot summer days can be not only very uncomfortable for our four legged family, but some dogs, especially senior citizens, can become quite distressed.

If we had to wear their fur coats we'd all be trying in vain to strip them off!

Now you can keep your dog cool with this stylish bandana.

Other products boast having non-toxic polymer crystals sewn into the band, the Outward Hound bandana has the crystals in the scarf section so the coolness is against your dogs' chest area. And of course, being the trusted Outward Hound brand you can be sure of great quality.

The crystals absorb up to 30 times their weight in water, simply soak the bandana in a bowl of (refrigerated) cold water for a few minutes (30 minutes for the first use) then fix around your dogs' neck with the strong velcro band.

The first time I used the cool collar my little dog stopped panting straight away and looked at me as though I'd split the atom! What a clever dog owner.

Your dog will be cool and comfortable for hours.

Available in three sizes to suit most dogs.


Small - measures neck 20 - 30.5 cms

Medium - measures neck 30.5 - 45.5 cms

Large - measures neck 45.5 - 63.5 cms


When not in use ensure you air dry before storing away. A quick hand wash when needed is all the maintenance required.

The soft but strong Teal and Chocolate Brown cotton construction suits all coat colours.

There is no need for you dog to suffer through summer like this.

Now your dog can look cool and feel cool!





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