E- Collars

Bark Control Collars + Remote Training Collars

What is the difference between a ‘bark collar’ and a ‘remote training collar’ ?

There are a few major differences between the two, however the most important

are as followed,

1.  Bark Collars are controlled automatically by the collar device and Remote Training Collars are control by the pet owner via a remote. 

2. Bark Collar collars are designed to control and discourage barking however Remote Training Collars can be used for barking as well as other undesirable behaviour such as jumping up, rough play, biting or stalking. Depending on the style of training you are looking for either of these products work very well to achieve an obedient outcome. 

Our friendly staff are always here to offer advice if you are unsure which training style 

suits you best. 

Is A Bark Collar or Remote Training Collar better for my dogs problem ?

Bark Control ‘Bark Collars’ that spray, vibrate or shock are usually left on your dog for a longer period of time in comparison to remote training collars. They are designed to automatically dispense the vibration, shock or spray without human interaction. This form of collar is good for people who need to leave it on their dog whilst at work or are not looking to be on guard for the behaviour around the clock. Hence why this style of training is so specific to barking. 

Remote Training Collars require you as the owner to dispense the shock, spray or vibration manually via the remote.

For example, let's name our dog Barney. Barney does not have a barking issue however a rough play problem with other dogs. The owner puts the remote training collar on Barney at the park then watches him play whilst holding the remote in hand. If Barney's play becomes to rough, the owner simply uses the remote to set off the vibration or shock. This way the owner is in control and the specific behaviour can be addressed directly. This kind of behaviour could not be solved with a simple bark control collar. 

Remote training collars can be used for barking, however we would suggest for specific/environmental barking as the owner will need to be there with remote in hand. This 'specific barking’ would be if your dog has an issue with certain people or objects in day to day life eg: birds, prams, kids.

When can I start using a Bark Control or Remote Training Collar ?

This question can depend on the size, breed, health and temperament of your puppy. The important part of this question is rather ‘At what age will my dog begin to understand the connection between the bark collar and their barking?’. 

We suggest at least 6 months of age, by this time (again, depending on the dog) your dog should be able to make the behavioural connection between the spray, vibration and zap with the action of their barking. Please be aware that puppies do bark as a natural instinct of finding their voice as well as to get our attention if they are hungry, hurt, stuck or upset. This puppy behaviour should not be interpreted as a ‘bark control issue’. A simple question to your vet will also help narrow down your choice.

Will a form of e-collar hurt my dog ?

E-collars are extremely safe to use and come with extensive user instructions, like any product if these instructions are followed you will have no need for concern! At eDog we aim to take the 'sometimes stigma' our of electronic training devices and assure we only offer the highest quality world wide.Methods such as a citronella spray, vibration or sound would cause no less discomfort than speaking loudly or intimidatingly to your dog or pulling on its lead with the intention to stop it from barking. Shock collars are to provide a stronger and alternative action however this comes at no harm to your dog. Collars such as these are well suited to medium to extra large dogs. Remember, nascence barking is a problem and should not be accepted.

Do Citronella Collars work as well as Shock Collars ? 

Yes! Every dog does not suit the same training, some may even respond better to the spray collar method.Citronella Collars work by admitting a ‘puff’ of lemon scented spray to the lower jaw of the dog when excessive/repetitive barking is detected. The spray does not harm the dog nor does it cause irritation, if your dog has allergies or extremely sensitive skin, please contact your vet for further advise. Once your dog begins to understand the connection between the bark and spray, their desire to bark will reduce. This product has been extremely successful time and time again!

Are these E-Products Safe ? 

E-collars are extremely safe to use and come with extensive user instructions, like any product if these instructions are followed you will have no need for concern! 

I have herd some mixed reviews on Bark and Training Collars, 

can you shed some light on this ? 

Like any thing in the modern world, people are for and against. Sometimes it is the people who are against that shout their views that little bit louder. We would not be selling or endorsing any product that was not safe or in the interest of your dog. Everybody has different views on using e-collars for training purposes,  just like others have views on raw diets, choker chains and desexing. 

E- Fence

Electronic Fence (not electric fence)

What is an e-fence ?

An E-Fence is an underground system which works simultaneously with a collar/receiver worn by your dog. It is not an ‘electric fence’. Simply follow the instructions by carefully installing your fence at the boundary of your property/desired area and place the flags to mark its where about’s. Once your e-fence is installed properly it will work with the receiver and collar to alert your dog when the fence edge is near or they are attempting to cross.Each fence design is different regarding its collar output however this can range from, sound, vibration to shock. E-fences are safe to use to keep your dogs both in and out. 

What can i use an e-fence for ?

An e-fence can be used to both keep your dog in or out. It can be a simple boundary in your front garden to protect your dog from passing traffic, a reminder for your dog to not enter your neighbours backyard if no fence is currently separating the homes or to ensure your dog does not enter your flower or vegetable garden.If you live on a large property, farm area or beach block, it is a great way to have peace of mind your dog will not go wandered around potentially dangerous areas.  

Are E-fences safe for both my dog and home ?


Like all electrical products please read the instructions carefully and do not skip any steps or safety precautions. The collar/receiver within these fence kits’s are very similar to those used within bark control products. They are extremely safe to use and come with extensive user instructions. At eDog we aim to take the 'sometimes stigma' our of electronic training devices and assure we only offer the highest quality world wide.


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