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Working perfectly

Love it safe and easy to use my dog was a nuisance always getting complaints from neighbors

BARKTEC BT-300 it works

I was impressed on how quickly it arrived.
Set it up outside and it worked straight away, we can not hear anything but the dog can, she barks once has a look around and then walks away. That is exactly what we wanted her to do. The big test will be in a couple of week there will be 2 dogs and also dogs next door that bark a lot. So hopefully it will make them all stop. Thank You

Ok so far

It stops her barking more than once.
Barking less without it as well.

Absolutely amazing such a great idea,easy to wash and I really think it made a difference to the 1st few nights home, I also rubbed it all over mumma dog before going home with the pup which probably helped to.
edog are fabulous to deal with really fast postage and quality gear. Thank you

Kong is a great brand but a guide for the right size could be useful

Tuff little tennis balls not bouncy but really durable

Money well spent!

We bought 2 of these after a recommendation from my brother who also has one. We are very happy with the result and love the design which does not have metal probes sticking in to our dogs throat.

re purchase of Wahl Premium Cat & Dog Nail Grinder from eDog

Having worked as a dog groomer in the past I found that out of my clippers my Wahl were my favourite so I was really pleased to find a nail grinder in their range. I have a rescue dog who we adopted as an adult and has always been absolutely terrified of having her nails clipped. I decided to try a nail grinder instead and (lots of treats later) she is accepting having her nails done with the Wahl grinder which is much less stress for her, and me!

I hadn't dealt with eDog before this purchase but I'm so impressed by the service. I ordered the nail grinder one morning and it was delivered the following afternoon, and I live in rural Victoria! I've had very good follow up emails from eDog and I have no doubt they would provide great support if needed. Very happy customer. Kerry

Fast shipping

Ordered the product one day and it was delivered the very next day. Very fast shipping and I am very impressed with the product.

So far so good!

This collar has worked as far as we know, even without his collar on at night we have noticed significant difference on the barking. Fingers crossed it only gets better from here!

Citronella bark training collar

From what I've seen so far, this product works awesomely. The first night we put it on our collie his barking/whimpering stopped and became less frequent. Delivery was super quick and service was amazing.

Tried this with our kelpie that was barking at the dog next door at times. Worked straight away. Pleased with the results.

Great training tool and great service

I have 2 rotties who were aggressive around smaller dogs and had trouble with recalling them and I came across this product and brand.

Still training the dogs but with the first 2 training sessions I did, I can now recall my dogs when I couldn't get their attention previously.

The customer service of the business and the quality of the product is outstanding, I emailed them with my enquiry and they recommended me options for my needs within 24hrs. Ordered the collars the next day and they were delivered the day after.

If you are having any problems with recalling your dog or training issues, I highly recommend this product!

Brilliant! Worked from the get-go

This product has been great. Worked straight away on our dog. No more bothering the neighbours. Such a relief. Our dog seems to find the collar comfortable too. Would highly recommend this product.

Thank you
All good working great 👍
Fast delivery 👍

Noticed an immediate change with the dogs barking

Citronella training collar

Very happy with the citronella dog collar. Good service and prompt delivery

Does the job

I only ordered the heart but it came phenomenally fast and my puppy slept through the night since! She’s much calmer when left alone too


Prompt delivery and harness works well. Very happy!


Very prompt delivery and the product has been great!!! Good price!

Bark collar citronella

We tried this for my German Shepherd stop barking after the first go. I am really pleased with these results.

Great Bark Collar

I was dubious about how this product would be after buying cheaper versions that did not work. But this is great, works very effectively. Great product, service and postage was super quick. Highly recommended.

Best invention ever

My little dachshund is in love with her biscuit puppy really has helped her settle in to our home

(citronella) bark collar

We have tried everything to stop our Pomeranian from barking and within two days wearing the collar (when he barks) has almost stopped, we don't leave it on all the time but we have found it to be great.Regards Margaret


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