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It works !

A bit bulkier than I would have liked but stopped my dog in her tracks first go. Used intermittently for 2 days mainly to stop barking indoors.
I only have to pick the collar up now and she knows not to bark.
Money well spent.

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Grooming Kit

The quality and variety of products in this kit are fantastic!

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New dogs happy neighbours

So my dogs, both rescue puppies, are my world. But they are very protective of me and, as such, bark at anyone or anything walking past...
People with dogs, people with infants in prams, innocent, harmless elderly people going to the shop, workers heading for the station.
You get the drift.
I didn't want a product that would punish them physically for following their instincts and barking at passers by. But I was at my wits end with reinforcement and cheap high frequency whistles that just made them scoff at my attempts.
These collars have changed the game.
They still run and check the gate, they can still follow their instincts to see who is out there, but they have stopped annoying my elderly neighbour and stopped waking my shift-working teenager.
I highly recommend the BarkTec collar as it has reduced the stress levels here and with our neighbourhood.

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Wahl dog clippers

Do a good job clipping and stay cool. Fine fluff gathers under plastic combs so need to remove and clean every few minutes or looses it's cutting ease. Otherwise very happy. Only 1 clipper in pack not 2 as in pics.

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Great product

We are very happy with this system. Our old system had failed so needed a new one. It was so simple to connect this to our existing wire, collars were easy to set up.
Simple no fuss system that works.

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Great product and service

Product worked the same day. Only put it on during the day & activate the spray when I'm not home. Used it over the weekend a couple of times but didnt turn it on so spray wasnt necessary because my dog knew what it was for. Edog customer service was excellent! Ordered it Sunday nite Qld time arrived Tuesday from WA! Highly recommended Edog! Thanks so much Matt and the team. Only downside of collar is that it's causing my dog minor eye irritation from the citronella but hoping he wont need it for much longer and it will keep my cranky neighbour quiet.

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Beaut product

Postage really fast directions really easy to understand great product

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Little dog big bark, not anymore thanks to you guys.

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Bark-tec 1-100 bark control citronella kit

For my Cocker Spaniel (aged 9) this has been a wonderful product. She very quickly learnt that if she barked she would be sprayed, and by the end of the second day all I had to say was "If you bark, your collar goes back on" and I now have a very obedient dog. Of course there are times when she is allowed to bark all she wants, but this will be used for 'nuisance' barking. Service from Company was tremendous. The collar arrived in approx. three days and we live on the border of N.S.W. and Victoria. Thank you so much.

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So impressed

This has honestly been so effective. I had a really reactive barking dog that I used to try and socialise and would always leave embarrassed due to his very loud, continuous barking.
Within one day of him wearing it, I saw massive improvement and within a few days I had a totally different dog. I am so stoked.
Also, i was super impressed that it arrived the very next day AND I live in rural NSW

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Amazing product

Got this to stop my dog barking during the day worked after two days

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Peace at last

Worked from the first time I put it on very happy no more nuisance barking


Product works great. My jackrussle has gone from barking while we’re not home to not a single bark now. Product arrived on my door step the day after purchasing!!!! Amazing service highly recommend

Will use again

Our dog collar arrived quickly and I would recommend anyone to buy here. We only use the barking collar at certain times, but already he recognises it, and it definitely works.


I tried this on my girl over night and half the next day, I have hardly heard her since. We now get alot more sleep and out neighbours are alot happier haha.
Only issue I had the the back didn't quiet sit properly and was a little loose.
It ended up coming off the next day as we lost the battery. Other then that, O highly recommend.

Yes Yes Yes

We have been dog sitting our daughter's medium sized older dog for some time now. She has a deep bark which becomes very irritating very quickly & was getting to the stage where she just has to go.
A friend referred us to the collar that we bought in hope.
Problem solved. From the very first bark the collar worked a treat & now after 2 weeks Maya has become more obedient to commands. She does not wear it at all times but still we have peace & quiet. We put it on her only as needed.

Was sceptical but had no need to be

Worked great! I think the noise of the citronella spraying scared my dog more than the actually citronella deterring her from barking. Have taken it off after having it on for less than a week and so far so good. Will now only resort to using it when we are not home for long periods.


I bought these collars for my two dachshunds as the neighbours complained about their barking when we were not home. Ordering was easy, they came in a few days & so far so good. Thank you


Although the shock on the collar may be a little stressful as you never want to put your animal in pain, this shock just sends a quick correction and fast reaction which has never been successful for me until now! I’ve used a halti, harness, choker collar both chain and fabric and months of dog training - this is the only thing that has worked. I can now walk my dog on a loose lead while she walks next to me with no pulling me down or any roads or sidewalks. I have had this for 2 weeks and only had to shock once and use vibrate a couple of times. Her recall has also improved dramatically as she is much more obedient.
Thankyou so much for helping me and my dog this is a great investment. Xxxx

Great gentle device that works!

Bought for my mini Dachshund, and it works he was barking mad when left in the back garden when I had to go to work.
Put this device on and he is quiet. Bless him.
Thank you!


I attached this collar to my 11 month old puppy who used to bark for up to two hours after we left, despite him having a playmate. The change after one night was amazing. I was terrified he would be miserable by the time I got home but he was as happy as ever so I don't think he was even traumatised by the experience. I took it off him as soon as I got home and he has behaved ever since when we have had to leave him. So it was a great investment. I have the neighbours keeping an 'ear' out in case he starts again but so far all good.
I had used something similar years ago when I had doggies with long hair and found it wasn't so successful because the citronella would just get sprayed into their neck fur so they didn't even realise anything was different. Certainly though for a short haired doggie it works a treat.

Citronella Dog Collar

This collar is amazing. I had fantastic results on the first day of use and it's so easy to set up and use. My dog's barking has virtually stopped after a couple of days. It is extremely good value for money compared to other similar products on the market. I highly recommend this product.

Handsfree Jogging Leash

Looks great ! Arrived promptly. Not used yet but lead is adjustable and is a decent length. Can't forsee any problems at all. A great buy !

Works really well

Its always a dilemma buying a product that is good for you and your dog, this collar works a treat and doesn't harm my pet. My Labradoodle was barking every 3hrs throughout the night, he's an inside pet with outside access. I have wonderful neighbours that never complain but if he is waking me he has to be waking them. It worked on the very first night, I heard him bark twice then nothing. I only use the collar at night and I am delighted to say that he still barks at the birds when he spots them in the garden during the day. I was concerned that it would affect his natural, instinctive behaviour but it hasn't, so its a great result.


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