AETERTEK AT-918C™ Dog Remote Training Collar+Auto Bark

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Dog Remote Training Collar

Working well so far using the vibrate mode. Would have liked an ON/OFF switch on the handset.

Training our 2 year old border collie

We got the collar to stop our very active excited boy to stop barking when it was not necessary. We did not want to curb his spirit or stop him from barking at strangers entering our property. We prefer to use the sound and vibrate option and have very rarely used the shock option. We have had another border collie that belongs to my daughter and he was a very barky boy when she moved to her own home. His collar which she has had for some time has successfully trained him to listen to their requests and stopped him barking constantly .
Over all I like the collar and the option of the automatic setting. Wanted the neighbours to like our dog and the patrol security he provides not dislike due to excessive barking.

Tanya Marshall
Life saver

When I got my first puppy Brock I manage to train him the basic commands like sit, stay, wait, everything was going well with him. That was until I got my second puppy Molly, they are five weeks apart in age, I found it very hard to train both dogs together as they would just pick up each other’s traits, When Brock was alone he would listen but you put Molly into the mix and I had no hope at all, I didn’t know where to start as they started to almost encourage each other not to listen, Molly was a jumper from The moment I got her and would always jump up on me, Brock had never done that before until I got Molly, Brock is a lot bigger and heavier , So it was hard to control both of them when they both did it, I also found that if one of them started barking at something the other one would jump in and then the barking would get louder.
Molly is very defiant and was hard to train and then I had Brock going backwards in his training so I had to do something, I started reading reviews on eDog and decided that the training collar was the way to go, especially when I can have one control with the two collars, perfect for when they’re both jumping up when I walk out to them.
When I first got the collars I watch the video again on the edog website to help me set them up. It’s good to have someone actually show you how they work so the video is perfect.
The first day I set it to just the bark control, I can’t believe how fast it worked, Brock picked up straight away what would happen if he barked, where Molly was a little bit more defiant
Molly would still run and bark at every noise, but it was only one or two barks instead of the constant barking she used to do, Brock lost interest and wouldn’t join Molly in barking.
I notice a difference within the day, Molly had settled right down, she would bark once and then stop.
So in having success in that area the next day I tried the training stage.
I walked out the next morning as soon as I went to the gate they both came running jumping up, before I open the gate I told them both to sit, I did the sound control and told them both to sit again, Brock sat straight away, Molly being a bit more defiant I had to change The training collar to her control and do the vibration, I manage to get out of the gate with them both sitting.

They have both come along way, And are a joy to be around now, I can walk out and instead of jumping up on me they sit and I can actually pat and play with them without being knocked over

I was very apprehensive about buying the collars but I’m so glad I did. Having 2 pups was a challenge but with a little guidance from the training collars I get to enjoy both dogs.
If you are like me, and you’re on here reading reviews, trying to decide whether to get a collar or not my recommendation is to definitely get one, within a couple of days I notice such a big change in them, mind you I only use the bark control the first day, the second day I did training mode and the difference was unbelievable.
I can now take my two dogs for a walk together without them pulling me the whole way.
My grandchildren can now walk out into the yard and play with them without them jumping up and scratching them or knocking them over,
I can have the pool guy come and clean the pool without my dogs continuously barking for half an hour while he is here,
When I give them a bone in the morning Brock doesn’t steal Mollys no more.
They no longer try and bite the mower or whippersnapper
They no longer jump up on me all my visitors.
And I can actually hang clothes on the line and they don’t jump up and rip them off, that’s a big plus in my books.

I think the best thing about having a training collars is that my dogs seem to enjoy each other a lot more as well, it’s hard to explain but they seem to be more content and enjoy each other’s company.

I might add as well I was worried about them chewing the collars off as they have always done that, the collars are actually such a good quality, I’ve had no problems at all with them chewing them.
It’s been a lifesaver for everyone involved with my dogs as we can now all enjoy them, they are a pleasure to be around now.
I hope this helps anyone who is looking to buy a train in collar. Thank you to a edog for their amazing product and
For all the Communication and having the patience and answering all my questions about the collars when I was looking into buying them.

Geoff Craig
Great unit

Works very well easy ro set yp and use great quality. A slight delay once button pressed to when the signal gets to the dog

Dale Amohia

Works really well. Haven’t had to use the bark or static control yet but she responds well to the vibrate and sound well and my big girl is 60kg of headstrong dog. Very happy.

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