Barktec Training Collar with Remote 650

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Customer Reviews

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Renee Hunter
Brilliant training collar

My two dogs, one staffy one JRT were barking consistently until I got two of these collars. They now know if the collar goes on, it's because their barking too much and their aware of the repercussions! Seriously the best investment I could have made.

Helped Dramatically

I bought this collar as I was having so much trouble with recall, obsessive barking and mouthing from my Border Collie boy. After just 2 vibrates and a few sounds he is now listening when I say "with me" and the barking has nearly stopped. He will still mouth if he gets the opportunity but as soon as I say stop he does. I have to say I have noticed a much calmer pup. I would highly recommend this collar for training. The delivery was super quick it arrived the next day!

Last resort

I have bought the Barktec 650 as a last resort for my extremely anxious and reactive mini dachshund. She is on medication and I have tried everything to train her out of her reactive behaviour. She now only reacts badly to other dogs so I have had some success in training her from reacting to bikes and joggers. Her behaviour makes going for a walk very stressful. It is early days as we are in Victoria and in lockdown. I have been doing training sessions with the collar at home and she responds to the buzz but am yet to try it out in the wide world. The service from eDog Australia was great. I had an online chat with Matt who answered all my queries and the collar arrived promptly.

Ray Clark
Dog recalls after 1 day!!

We have a Border Collie Pup who now returns to us despite any other distractions. This was successful after a couple of beeps and one vibrate at the beach. Normally we would have to bribe her with cheese. That is if we could get her attention!! Could not recommend this product highly enough. It also survived swimming in saltwater for 3 days.

A Game Changer

This collar has worked wonders for our 2 and a half year old very large breed Alaskan Malamute X. He is a beautifully natured boy and is super friendly with everyone. He is well socialised with other dogs but unfortunately we have had issues with him being reactive mainly while on lead and pulling on the lead. He is reactive in a good way where he simply just wants to play with every single dog he passes. With being a strong arctic breed he is very strong and this in turn was causing a great deal of stress on our walks. His recall was pretty much non-existent. He is not aggressive but he is large and boistrous and practically unaware of his size so we had to keep him on lead at all times. We had tried all training methods from rewards-based training to changing diet and spending hundreds of dollars on training which just didn't work even when followed consistently from being a puppy. I had heard of collars like these but hesitated to buy one due to the bad wrap they've received from some trainers. This was the last chance for us to try something that may just work and some of the correction methods we had learned from other trainers was quite frankly very harsh and embarrassing to use in public and just weren't producing results, just tears and frustration. So after seeing this collar was available in our state I jumped at the opportunity to try it. It has been an absolute game changer. I have been using the collar purely as a training device and not a punishment. I use the beep sound mainly and have to say I've only ever had to use the zap once at quite a low number. I did research on the internet and saw that other trainers had very good results so followed some of their methods. Our dog is happy, he gets to stay off lead as his recall is excellent, he has learned to approach other dogs in a calm manner and realises he gets to socialise more. It has stopped him eating everything and anything on the ground and all this with my commands only now. He sees his family as the most important thing now because he needs us to keep that "beep" away. He gets lots of praise and lots of cuddles and he is learning very quickly. It's not cruel if it is used as a training device only and in fact much nicer than a family who is at their wits end. Well done on a fabulous product. My only recommendation would be to make the collar and remote super waterproof as our dog likes to swim. Thank you so much for this product!

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