Solvit CareLift lifting harness

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Solvit Carelift: Rear M
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Customer Reviews

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Steve Cardiff (steve808_0)
Vet approved

Unfortunately we didn't have the opportunity to use the harness :-(
We donated the harness to the vet, they were going to pass it on to one of the rescue groups.

Joseph Dignam
Be aware of Sizing

Purchased the Medium Full Body harness for my 17kg dog. Other reviews I had read suggested there was a lot of adjustability in these harnesses which made me think that was why there was only 2 sizes.

The Bad:
Dog is a male. Cannot seem to get the Bottom support on the rear harness positioned properly and he just Pees all over himself

Being a bit small for this harness I have had to make my own straps that run from the front section to rear section

The rear section doesn’t sit that well on my dog and it wouldn’t be hard for it to fall off. A vet also commented on the leg straps needing to be very carefully adjusted. She was correct. If the leg straps a at all too tight, my dog can barely walk.

The front harness is almost too Tight around my dogs shoulders but When you pull on the front section of harness, theres 2 inch’s of slack before it takes any weight.

Front harness section doesn’t seem as comfortable or supportive as my dogs existing harness.

Instructions when first using it were pretty poor. I reverted to YouTube instead.

My dog has a constant lean to his right. So doesn’t take long for the constant pressure to slightly twist the rear section to his left, meaning the right hand rear leg strap then covers his bum. Always happens just before he has to do a poo.

I’ve used this harness 6 times and have washed it already 4 times.

Concept is good, when it’s adjusted perfectly, the functionality is good, it just doesn’t cater for all dog shapes and certainly isn’t as “adjustable” as expected.

For my dog, I wouldn’t leave this harness on for extended periods like it says you can.

This harness is however still playing a active role in keeping my dog exercised and keeping him safe so it was not a waste of money by any means.

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