Springer™ Bike Attachment For Dog Exercise

Springer™ Bike Attachment For Dog Exercise




Product Descriptions:

- Springer™, the bike attachment that allows you to safely bike with your dog.

- This unique dog exerciser can bring health benefits for you and your dog as you pedal and jog side-by-side

- Springer™ is designed with a low centre of gravity, the effective point that the dogs pull from is the bottom of the "U" in the tube.

- Offering easy installation, the Springer™ clamp can be attached to the frame or the seat stem of the bike.

- The Springer™ arm is secured to the clamp with a pull pin.

- Once you have set up your bike, it is easy to remove or attach the Springer™ in a matter of seconds by just removing the pin and sliding the Springer™ off.

- Manufactured in Norway, the Springer™ has been used succesfully by more than 700,000 families, individuals, mushers, and even K9 corps in countries around the world since 1988

Product Features:

- Large spring on the Springer™ reduces 90% of dog's tug without causing any excessive movement in the bike

- Easy to install

- Constructed with heavy-duty steel material

- Kit containes adapters for different bikes

Frequently Asked Questions:

A) Do I need to train my dog to work with the Springer?

Most dogs will adapt to running with Springer immediately. Keep in mind your dogs conditioning; you will likely need to start off with short runs and progress to longer trips over several weeks.

B) What surfaces should I ride on?

To protect the pads on the bottom of your dogs feet you should ideally ride on dirt roads, forest pathways, and other soft surfaces. Or, if you have paved bike paths with grassy shoulders available, you can ride on the hard surface, with your dog running beside you on the grassy area. If you do cycle on paved roads, just be cautious about the speed you ride. Always check the pads of your dogs feet after a run.


C) If my dog veers off in a different direction, will I need to adjust the Springer while I'm riding?

No, you can keep both hands on the handlebars at all times. The Springer keeps your dog gently, but securely, by your side, protecting him from pedals and wheels. If he does run around a tree or fire hydrant, the patented safety release will release your dog instantly, keeping you and your pet safe.


D) Will the Springer work on my mountain bike?

Yes, the Springer works on most regular, touring, and mountain bikes. Should your bike frame have a teardrop-shaped down tube, you can now attach the clamp to the seat stem and use the adaptor on the clamp to lower the Springer arm, allowing you to create a better fit based on the size of your dog. (Adaptor is sold separately.)


E) What tools will I need to install the Springer?

The Springer package comes with two main components: the clamp and the Springer arm. The first time you install the Springer, you will need a 13mm wrench to secure the clamp tightly to the bike. But after the initial installation, no tools are necessary. The Springer arm just slips on and is secured with a pin. When you want to remove the Springer arm, simply pull the release pin to detach the arm.


F) What if i want to switch the Springer between two bikes?

In that case, we recommend purchasing a second clamp, so that you can attach that to your second bike. Then you won't ever need any tools to move your Springer arm back and forth between bikes.



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