wHat is a remote training collar ? 

Remote Training Collars are used to correct unwanted dog behaviour, this may include barking, rough play, biting or stalking. These training devices are made of two 'parts', the collar/receiver and the remote. This remote is controlled by the dogs owner. You active the collar by pressing the buttons on the remote, all remotes contain different outlay options as well as intensity settings.

Remote training devices are a safe way to train and manage dogs behaviour and are a great way to control the action your training collar is taking. This style of training is suited to all dogs and owners, it is very simple and encourages the owner and dog to both evolve in their training.

Keep reading for more information on if this device is right for you and which one to choose! We have such a wide range, feel free to head onto the shop page for further detail on each model.

Is this the right style of training for my dog ?

Are you willing to put the time and energy into
training your dog ?

If yes, then this product is for you!

Remote training system to require the love and support of the owner. You are the person with your dog helping them learn and understand what you are trying to teach them. Some remote training collars have auto functions for barking however if your dog’s problem is one that turns ‘on and off’ we suggest you be there too!

My dog isn’t necessarily aggressive, he/she just needs help him common dog problems ?

Yes, this product is for you!

Remote training collars can be used for a wide variety of dog behavioural issues, from simple small such as eating the garden to rough play. As the owner is in control of the device it is really up to you as to what you deem acceptable or not. We aim to take the stigma out of modern technology and dog training, these products have worked time and time again to solve behavioural problems therefore increase the bond between pet and owner!

Are they safe to use ? I’ve herd mixed reviews and want to be sure. 

Yes, these are a safe product! Like any thing in the modern world, people are for and against. Sometimes it is the people who are against that shout their views that little bit louder. We would not be selling or endorsing any product that was not safe or in the interest of your dog. Everybody has different views on using e-collars for training purposes,  just like others have views on raw diets, choker chains and desexing. 
If you are here researching training collars we would say you are ready!

Behavioural problems in your dog can completely effect your lifestyle and their lifestyle. Once corrected, both parties can enjoy each others company without the stress!

"Our one on one training has come miles which I am so proud of however she still needed that extra push in the right direction. " - effie & bindie

what are the differences in your product range ?

At eDog, we only stock the best on the market.
The two main remote training collar brands we stock are Aetertek and Dogtra, both leading brands in their field.
Let’s chat about Aetertek today..


This is a great basic, starter remote training collar! If you new to training or want something simple then this model is the way to go! In fact, it’s one of our best sellers.The System is fully waterproof and features multi-functional modes - warning beep tone, vibration mode & 7 levels of static shock and covers a 550m control range. It can run 3 dogs (extra receives will need to be purchased).


The AT-918C is the next step up! This remote training collar offers an auto bark function (hence the slight price increase). If you are looking for a training collar that has strength in bark training as well as other behavioural problems, we would suggest this model! 


This is our ‘top of the line’ Aetertek Remote Training System! The remote offers a digital screen which enables you to see the levels and settings you have selected as well as offered a torch function on the end of the antenna. If you are using this device as night whilst walking your dog the torch function is beyond helpful! This model also offers the auto bark function


The Aetertek GT-211D is designed especially for small breed dogs between 2-8 kg such as Chihuahuas, Poodles, Pomeranians, and Jack Russells. It features 10 levels of static correction, 1 level of vibration and 1 warning sound and the remote control range is up to 350M. It can be used for all the typical training needs such as preventing digging, excessive barking, jumping on people and running away

We hope some of this dog training info has helped you! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, our staff are always here to help.