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Exhaustive barking?

From citronella collars to ultrasonic devices: Our barking solutions will restore the peace in your household (and the neighbourhood).

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eFence range:
Safety, anywhere.

No more searching in the bush. Invisible fences to keep your dog safe and contained, wherever you are.

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Effective training anytime, anywhere with our training collars range.

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9 out of 10 dogs

Show improvement in barking behaviours when using barking collars.

90% of dogs

See lasting improvements in off-leash recall and chasing behaviours when using training collars consistently.

8 out of 10 pet owners

Reported that their dogs consistently stayed within the set boundaries after using eFence systems.

Training tools and solutions to get your best buddy on their best behaviour.

At eDog Australia, we strive to empower dog owners to communicate and train effectively by offering a range of solutions. From anti-bark and citronella collars, to remote training tools and eFences, alongside essential accessories and dog toys tailored to individual canine needs.

93% of dog owners have seen improvement in their dog’s behaviour after using eDog products.
“One buzz and the barking has ceased. I believe now that his own barking was also making him anxious, he is now calmer around people and other animals! Incredible stuff”

Trusted by 45,000 customers already loving eDog

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