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Electronic Dog Collars | E-Collars

At eDog we believe in electronic dog collar solutions for your dog and pet training! Amongst other fun and interactive tools, we strive to build a positive and obedient relationship between you and your pet. We want to work with you to eliminate the stress that can occur during your training process. We stand by offering comprehensive support, advice and training tips to make the bond between you and your pet a long and happy one! As a brand that is also passionate about modern technology, we aim to take the sometimes ‘stigma’ out of electronic training products and offer you the highest quality world wide. We hope to educate and raise awareness of the safe and strategic ways our products work to relieve the tension owners may feel if more traditional methods have failed or are not suited to your beloved pet.

An E-collar or electronic dog collar is a modern training system which integrates a small electronic device into a traditional collar band. This device consists/can consist of a wireless remote and receiver which enables you to send remote signals to alert your dog of unacceptable behaviour. These signals are to your choosing and can be dispensed at your freedom or upon the noise detection of the collar. E-collars provide a safe, efficient and direct method of training to improve the communication of commands between you and your dog.

E-Collars are a successful training tool as they allow direct and clear prompts for your dog! In comparison to traditional training methods, an e-collar removes the need for negative interactions between the owner and dog. Working towards an end goal, the e-collar will administer and accomplish the desired outcome through repetitive actions, dogs learn best when training is consistent. We believe bark control collars are not only a safe and effective way to train your dog though relief the strain pet owners can feel when trying to implement these techniques otherwise.

There are many kinds of e-collars available. Ranging from citronella spray, vibration, ultrasonic and static shock, at eDog we believe your choice should be made depending on your dogs size, severity of problem and general response to training. E-collars work through transmitting an 'action' ie. spray, vibration, sound or shock through the small electronic device embedded within the collar. This device may be set to respond automatically or remotely to the undesired behaviour such as barking. Warning your dog initially, the device does not abuse the power it holds and only notifies your dog when necessary.

Through years of dedicating ourselves to spreading the word about the effectiveness of e-collars, they will help to not only improve the relationship between you and your dog through to significantly deter and/or stop your dog from unwanted behaviour. Through its repetitive nature e-collars are a natural hindrance to your dogs unwanted behaviour and work successfully to improve or eliminate the problem.

E-collars are extremely safe to use and come with extensive user instructions, like any product if these instructions are followed you will have no need for concern! At edog we aim to take the 'sometimes stigma' our of electronic training devices and assure we only offer the highest quality world wide. Endorsed by certain dog trainers and behavioural specialist, e-collars are highly suited to the majority of dogs. Methods such as a citronella spray, vibration or sound would cause no less discomfort than speaking loudly or intimidatingly to your dog or pulling on its lead with the intention to stop it from barking. Shock collars are to provide a stronger and alternative action however this comes at no harm to your dog, collars such as these are well suited to medium to extra large dogs. Remember, nascence barking is a problem and should not be accepted as 'normal behaviour', let's take the stress out of training together!


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