Barktec BT-100 Bark Control Kit- Citronella Spray Collar With Refill

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Customer Reviews

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Nanette Lawrie
Best buy ever!

Having tried every suggestion on the internet from dog trainers, nothing was successful.
The Barktec collar has been the best purchase I have ever made. IT WORKS!!
Our 14yo Jack Russell X is now a perfect girl. It only took a few squirts and she realised what was happening, now she makes a little huffing sound and runs to me wagging her tail, for praise. So cute 😍 and our lives are much more peaceful. Even works to stop her growling when she is jealous of other dogs around us. LOVE IT!!! Thank you!!!
Also, the package arrived promptly! Which is an added plus.

Deb Fowler
Great product

Our dog has not barked at night since the first night we used the Citronella spray collar. It is fantastic and I can't recommend it highly enough

Maddie Grant
It works!

Our cattle cross was barking through the night at the possums. This collar has been our saviour, eradicated the barking completely

Joy Chandler

We’re in to our 2nd day of using the collar on our very dog reactive dog, so far this has worked a treat, she just looks confused when the spray goes off so I know that it’s not hurting her and we’re hoping this will, in time, train her to be the gentle amazing giant that we see all of the time.

Krystel West
Extremely Effective - Much Better Than Anticipated

We have 2 x barky mini Dachshunds, 1.5 years old each. Only have had to place the collar on 1 of them, sprayed twice, and both learnt. Now I say collar and they stop barking, or I put it on them and don't even switch it on. They are dream doggies now, much easier. We had a little manufacturing fault initially with no spray coming out, got onto the support team, they were very prompt. Worked out that we needed to adjust the connecting metal pieces slightly to make contact with the battery. Now works fine. We spent lots of money on group and private training, this product has been the only solution that has worked.

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