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We understand how crazy you feel when you have a dog constantly barking. You feel guilty that you're keeping up your neighbours, and you feel worse because you can't sleep yourself!

A bark collar can be a useful tool for you when it comes to excessive and unnecessary barking, but it can get quite tricky when it comes to small dogs. The collars may be too big or too heavy.

So, we're here to answer the most common question, what is the best bark collar for small dogs? Everything you need to know about fitting a bark collar to your tiny dog!

But first, how do bark collars work for small dogs? 

Before we talk about specific bark collars, it's helpful to understand how they work.

Bark collars have a built-in sensor in the device which can either detect vibrations from your dog's vocal cords or has a microphone that can detect excessive barking.

Once the bark collar detects unnecessary barking, it will emit a distraction, diverting your dog's attention from what it was barking at. Your dog will learn that barking too much will cause a response. This gives you the opportunity to reward calmer behaviours.

So, What is the Best Anti Barking Collar For Small Dogs?

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Citronella

Our best selling Barktec BT-100 and Barktec Rechargeable Citronella Bark Collars a hit for a reason; it works. This collar uses a non-toxic blend of citronella mist to distract your dog. The spraying sensation combined with the scent of this collar is an unusual sensation for most dogs. 

The device lays against your dog's neck and detects the vibrations from your dog's vocal cords. In response, a light mist of non-toxic citronella blend sprays onto your dog's lower jaw. This unusual sensation distracts them from their excessive barking.

The citronella collar is entirely safe for your dog.

This option won't suit tiny dogs, as the bark collar receiver should sit comfortably against your dog's neck. Tiny dogs may not be big enough to hold the receiver. Tiny dogs, in this context, are considered to be less than 7kg in weight. This makes it a little uncomfortable for teeny tiny dogs, but this bestseller will be a hit for small dogs

Small Dogs Barktec

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: The All-In-One

The Houndware Multi-Functional Anti-Bark Collar is the perfect tool for moderating your dog's excessive barking.

This touchscreen device sits on your dog's collar. It features three different modes of distraction (sound, vibration & static) and the ability to customise each level to suit your dog's needs.

This Multi-Functional Training Collar is excellent for small dogs since the receiver itself is lightweight and compact. Also, with the ability to customise the distraction, there will always be something to suit your dog, even the most stubborn yappers!

The Houndware Multi-Functional Anti-Bark Collar is suitable for dogs over six months weighing from 5kg to 50kg.

Small Dogs Houndware

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Big Budget Option

If you have a small dog and are willing to spend a little more on a collar backed by innovation, you can't go past the Dogtra YS300. It's one of the most effective option for training your dog. 

Dogtra creates collars with a microprocessor that can accurately detect barking amongst other ambient noise.

The collar will emit an audible warning sound to initially give your dog a distraction and them an opportunity to stop barking. If the audible warning was not enough of a distraction and the dog continues to bark, a higher level of distraction will occur.

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Ultrasonic Technology

This one isn't a collar, so we are cheating here, but for a good reason; ultrasonic bark devices are an excellent option for tiny dogs.

An Ultrasonic Device sits in your home or backyard facing where your dog barks the most. It has a microphone that automatically detects the sound of your dog's barking and then responds by using high-pressure speakers to emit a high-frequency sound that dogs can hear but is inaudible to humans. 

Your dog will learn to associate that barking too much will result in them hearing the ultrasonic sound. But what makes it great for small dogs is that they don't need to wear a bulky collar!

We recommend one of our best sellers; BT-300 Silencer Birdhouse or GOODLIFE Dog Silencer MAX

If you wonder what these devices sound like, the human equivalent would be hearing a whistle. And the best bit they are the easiest to install and use.

Small Dogs Houndware 1

How to Choose the Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs

There are a few factors to consider when picking a bark collar for a small dog. This makes sure you pick a collar that suits you and your dog.

 1. Size 

A Good Bark Collars Fit Properly

The size of the receiver is an essential factor to consider, especially if you have a tiny dog. Having a bark collar that your small dog can comfortably walk around in is imperative for their comfort and well-being.

2. Distraction

There are many types of distractions for bark collars, from the citronella spray collar to the ultrasonic sound to collars that can static shock. 

We recommend considering your dog's drive (whether they're timid or stubborn) and what you are comfortable with as a significant factor when choosing bark collars.

3. Durability

How does your small dog play?

The level of durability a bark collar has does depend on your needs and your dog. If your dog loves to play rough or stick its head in a bucket of water, you know durability and waterproofness are a must.

Opt for a bark collar that has the durability to match your needs. 

Small Dogs Houndware 3

Let's Summarise What the Best Bark Collar Is For Small Dogs

You have so many excellent bark collar options for your small dog. The key is picking the collar with all of the features you need to suit you and your dog.

Having a barking dog isn't fun, but your dog will quickly have that excessive barking trained out of them with these products. If you're unsure which one perfectly suits your dog or have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We love to help!

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