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We understand how crazy you can feel when you have a dog that is constantly barking. Having a small barking dog feels like you’re perpetuating the stereotype that all small dogs are “yappy”.

Here we answer the most common question we get asked, “what is the best bark collar for small dogs?” and everything you need to know about fitting a bark collar to your baby dog!

So, What is the Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs?

You have so many great bark collar options on the market; if you have a small dog, here is a breakdown of bark collars based on price and features.

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Bargain Buy

The Barktec Static Bark Collar A01 is a fantastic bark collar for those looking for an affordable device without compromising quality.

It has seven humane intensity levels and is easy to use, making it perfect for first-time dog trainers. The collar is entirely adjustable, making it ideal for small to medium dogs, and it comes with a protective metal sheet to protect your dogs’ skin against injury.

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Big Budget Option

If you have a small dog and you're willing to spend a little more on a collar backed by innovation, you can’t go past the Dogtra YS300.

Dogtra creates collars with a microprocessor that can accurately detect barking amongst other ambient noise. This training tool is highly-effective at teaching your dog that barking is a no-no.It emits an audible warning before the stimulation to teach your dog quickly and effortlessly.

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Tiny Dogs

For dogs who weigh over 4kgs, the Dogtra YS200 is the perfect collar for you. With six intensity levels and Dogtra’s innovative microprocessor, this collar will quickly train your small dog to stop barking, howling or making other unwanted noises.


This collar is designed to be comfortable on dogs that weigh 4kgs or above, and the receiver is designed to suit little dog necks.

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Citronella

Our best selling Barktec BT-100 Citronella Bark collar is a hit for a reason; it works. This collar emits a puff of citronella when it detects barking to teach your dog that barking isn’t accepted.

This option won’t be viable for tiny dogs, as the bark detecting receiver has to be big enough to hold citronella spray. Tiny dogs for this context are considered to be less than 7kg in weight.

This makes it a little uncomfortable for teeny tiny dogs, but this bestseller will be a hit for small dogs!

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Ultrasonic Technology

This one isn’t a collar, but we’re cheating for a reason; ultrasonic bark devices are an excellent option for tiny dogs.

This is a device that sits in your home or backyard at the head height of your dog. When it detects barking, it emits an ultrasonic noise that only your dog can hear. This noise deters your dog from barking, and they don’t need to wear a collar to learn.

You can browse our range of ultrasonic devices here; if you wonder what these devices sound like, the human equivalent would be hearing a whistle. And the best bit is, they are the easiest to install and use.

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How to Choose the Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs

You need to be aware of a few factors to ensure you pick a collar that suits both you and your dog whilst being of the highest quality.

Good Bark Collars Accurately Detect Barking

A good bark collar has a quality bark detection sensor in the device. You don’t want the device to be triggered by other ambient noises and emit a correction at the wrong time.

Opt for a collar that speaks about how high-quality its sensor is.

Faulty Bark Collars Trigger at the Wrong Times

If you buy a bark collar that falsely triggers because of other noises, your dog will be overcorrected. They won’t understand why they’re receiving a consequence and won’t associate it with barking in the future.

Avoid collars that don’t mention their bark detection accuracy.

Good Bark Collars Are Durable

The level of durability a bark collar has does depend on your needs and your dog. If your dog loves to play rough or stick its head in a bucket of water, you know durability and waterproofness are a must.

Opt for a bark collar that has the durability to match your needs. A collar that is splash-proof and looks like it will hold up to some rough doggy play will mean you’re investing in a device designed to last.

Faulty Bark Collars Won’t Hold Up

Again, make sure the bark collar you invest in will suit your current and potential future needs.

The collar should be durable enough to survive an average day in the life of a dog that likes to run, sleep, eat and play. If waterproof, splash-proof or other durability features are a must, take your time to find the collar that perfectly suits you.

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Good Bark Collars Fit Properly

Make sure your bark collar fits your dog properly. The receiver sits on the side of the neck, and you should be able to fit one finger between the collar and the dog.

The collar shouldn’t swing on the dog's neck, and it shouldn’t fall off either.

Opt for a collar that is adjustable so you can tailor it to your dogs’ size.

Let’s Summarise What the Best Bark Collar Is For Small Dogs

You have so many awesome bark collar options for your small dog. The key is picking the collar with all of the features you need to suit you and your dog.

Having a barking dog isn’t fun, but your dog will quickly have that excessive barking trained out of them with these products. If you’re unsure which one perfectly suits your dog or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We love to help!

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