Electric Fences and Electric Dog Fences are terms that are often used interchangeably, when there actually is a considerable difference in what they do. Below we explain the difference between the two, and the key features you should look for when purchasing an Electric Dog Fence. 

What is an Electric Dog Fence?

An Electric Dog Fence is a system that is designed to work with a collar/receiver that your dog wears. It will only static correction the animal wearing the collar, and nothing else. 

With an Electric Dog Fence, you can choose for it to be around your garden beds, property boundary, or whatever space you need to contain your beloved dog in. Your dog will get a static shock if it comes within a certain distance of this boundary. Usually you set this distance.

What is an Electric Fence?

An electric fence is a system that runs a current through a perimeter and sends a static shock to anything that touches it.

What is the difference between an Electric Dog Fence and an Electric Fence?

An Electric Dog Fence only sends a correction to the animal wearing the receiver. Those not wearing the collar can go near and cross the fence boundary without getting shocked.

An Electric Fence shocks anything and anyone that touches it. 

Choose the Best Electric Dog Fence for you


ProductDistance It Can CoverCorrection Given Includes:Product Features 
Advanced Hidden Dog FenceUp to 100 acres of coverage-Beep
-Static stimulation
-500 feet of wire (covers ½ acre) *
-Orange training flags
-Omnidirectional transmitter
-Adjustable collar
-USB charging cable & power adapter
-Long battery life (7-10 days)
-3 strengths of static stimulation
-Fully rechargeable
Dogtra EF-3500 Dog Containment SystemUp to 40 acres of coverage-Vibration
-Static stimulation
-500 feet of wire (covers ½ acre)
-White training flags
-Omnidirectional transmitter
-Adjustable collar
-Charger & power adapter
-Withstands freezing temperatures
-Advanced filtering to prevent interference
-Able to expand for more than one dog
-Fully rechargeable

*additional wire can be purchased