Electric Fences and Electric Boundary Fences are terms often used interchangeably, but there's a big difference between the two. We're here to help you understand that difference and highlight the key features you should consider when you're thinking about getting a dog containment system. 

What is an Electric Dog Fence?

An Electric Containment Fence is a smart system that works with a special collar your furry friend wears. It's increadibly user-friendly because it only provides a static correction to the animal wearing the collar, and does not affect anyone else! 

With an Electric Dog Fence, you have the freedom to set it up around your garden, property boundaries, or any area you want your beloved pet to stay in. If your dog gets too close to the boundary, they'll be corrected with a mild static shock – You can even adjust the distance of the static correction to fit your needs, as well as the strength of the static correction to suit any sized dog!

What is an Electric Fence?

An Electric Fence is a bit more straightforward. It runs an electric current around a designated area and gives a little static shock to anything that touches it.

What is the difference between an Electric Dog Fence and an Electric Fence?

Here's the key takeaways: An Electric Dog Fence smart system is all about keeping your dog safe. It only corrects your dog if they're wearing the receiver collar. This means other pets or people can comfortably get close to and cross the fence without being shocked! Whereas the Electric Fence will shock anything or anyone that touches the wire.

Choose the Best Electric Dog Fence for you


Product Distance It Can Cover Correction Given  Includes: Product Features 
Advanced Hidden Dog Fence Up to 100 acres of coverage -Beep
-Static stimulation
-500 feet of wire (covers ½ acre) *
-Orange training flags
-Omnidirectional transmitter
-Adjustable collar
-USB charging cable & power adapter
-Long battery life (7-10 days)
-3 strengths of static stimulation
-Fully rechargeable
Dogtra EF-3500 Dog Containment System Up to 40 acres of coverage -Vibration
-Static stimulation
-500 feet of wire (covers ½ acre)
-White training flags
-Omnidirectional transmitter
-Adjustable collar
-Charger & power adapter
-Withstands freezing temperatures
-Advanced filtering to prevent interference
-Able to expand for more than one dog
-Fully rechargeable

*additional wire can be purchased



Electric fences and e-fences are often used interchangeably, when there actually is a considerable difference in what they do.

Large Brown Dog in field

Training Collar

A training collar is a device that trains a specific behaviour out of your dog such as climbing onto furniture, jumping up on people, recall issues etc.

Brown and white dog wearing training collar

Bark Collar

We define a bark collar as a collar your dog can wear that corrects your dog’s behaviour when it senses barking.

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