Dogtra YS600 Bark Collar-for Medium to Large Stubborn Dogs

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Customer Reviews

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Andrea Gerchow
Fantastic Collar

We purchased this for our Cattle Dog who barks incessantly when he is in the back of the Ute…it doesn’t matter if it’s a 5minute trip or a 8hr trip, he will bark non-stop the whole time. We would get plenty of dirty looks from other drivers and pedestrians and have even had someone point at our dog with their hand like it was a gun :-(
We tried this collar on number 2 to start with and after 2 shocks he has quickly learnt not to bark. He is a totally different dog now and sits in the back of the Ute quietly and calmly, we don’t even have to have it turned on.
This was money well spent and wish we had tried it sooner. Highly Recommend!!!

Mark Ward
Wow amazing - you can teach an old dog

I have a 10 year old American Staffy X, he’s always been a talker and has his faults (some my fault, others due to circumstance).

Life was pretty good until my next door neighbour brought an English Staffy home … then trouble really started.

My dog and his dog have created a daily ritual of trying to kill one another; running and jumping into the fence, scratching at the fence and going absolutely nuts into the red zone with non stop murderous barking. Everything I tried only slowed my dog down at best.

That was until I purchased the Dogtra YS 600 , I read the reviews and hoped that this would change things. Started him off at level 2; it did nothing, went to level 5; it didn’t do a thing, went to level 7; and wow that did the trick. I’ve tried turning him down to level 6 but he needs to be at level 7.

Didn’t take him long to adjust, it hasn’t only done the job of snapping him out of bad behaviour; he’s learnt to change his behaviour. Only a week or so in and he can walk right past the fence where next doors dog is going nuts and not react at all. I even forgot to turn it on for half a day and that’s how much his behaviour has changed,; he acted as if he’d be corrected.

Seriously this thing works.

Amy Jane
Exactly what i was after

Only ever have had to use it on level 2 and it has shocked my dog maybe twice and she doesn’t really bark much at all anymore. I only have to put it on every now and again if she gets barky again but it’s made an amazing difference in our home. Our dogs were barking all day everyday and we live on a corner block so whenever anyone walked past they would bark their heads off and wake the baby. Now they walk to the fence and sniff. It’s great. Highly recommend and amazing customer service. My dogs are German shepherds and cocker spaniels for reference.

Peter Roberts
Great collar.

I got this collar as my male Maremma was barking at everything, and not letting up.
He now gives one bark and stops. I may get one for the female, doesn’t bark a lot but won’t stop when she does. Would like to know if you have to keep using them to remind them.

Stuart Sterling
Simply Brilliant

We have a large dog that was barking incessantly during the day to the point where we got a letter from a neighbour quite rightly complaining about the noise. I was using another brand dog collar at the time and it wasn't making any difference. I bought the Dogstra YS600 and haven't had a minute's trouble since! I would highly recommend this to anyone with a nuisance barker.

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