Dogtra YS600 Dog Bark Collar-Medium Large Stubborn Dog

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Roberts
Great collar.

I got this collar as my male Maremma was barking at everything, and not letting up.
He now gives one bark and stops. I may get one for the female, doesn’t bark a lot but won’t stop when she does. Would like to know if you have to keep using them to remind them.

Stuart Sterling
Simply Brilliant

We have a large dog that was barking incessantly during the day to the point where we got a letter from a neighbour quite rightly complaining about the noise. I was using another brand dog collar at the time and it wasn't making any difference. I bought the Dogstra YS600 and haven't had a minute's trouble since! I would highly recommend this to anyone with a nuisance barker.

Dan Bull
Great product perfect for what I needed it for

First day worked a treat only needed one bark dog has not barked since I have it set on number 2 the collar goes up to number 10 in intensity I didn't need it past 2 so very happy and so are my next door nebours
Only used it for a week now and charge it every two days will probably be able to remove for good as my dog seems to not worrie about barking any more,

Also delivery was next day I'm very happy with the quality and the out come

If only we were aloud to put it on the wife🤣🤣

Jonathon Ross

Only used for a couple of days and haven’t heard a noise from him

julian mocanu (iulmoc_2181)
YS600 bark collar

I have a 1 year and 2 months old male gsd at 37 kg. When i leave the house he barks all day, received recently a written complaint from a neighbour with 3 exclamation marks. Had a bark collar before from amazon who worked 20-30% of the times.
With this collar, i think he got corrected 4-5 times (had to trim the hair onhis neck a bit to make contact) and learned the lesson.
Yesterday I left him alone again and monitored him wirelessly, used also a recording device for the entire day and there was a single bark followed immediately by a correction. That was it.
Summary: it worked perfectly for me and my pet, definitely recommend the product.
Also the build quality is high and delivery was prompt.

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