GOODLIFE Dog Silencer MAX ™ - Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Control System

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Cameron Mackay
Great product

I had the Dog Silencer original version from a few years ago which recently got damaged. The new product works even better with my dog, strangely it does work on the neighbours dog who is little yappy beast that barks all day and night.

Neighbours ProblemDogs

I bought this dog bark control system to do something about the noisy dogs of various neighbours. When I first set it up the neighbours' dog was viciously barking at me - so that gave me the opportunity to adjust the sensitivity. When it emitted the ultrasonic and audible sound , the dog got very puzzled and retreated. Is now a lot quieter on that side of the property. Just have to buy another one for the other neighbour , their little yapper is possessed by the devil.

Nigel B
Neighbour Relations

Wish I had of known about this product before destroying the relationship with the neighbour over their dogs. The barking was constant, I couldn't go outside into my yard with out them kicking off. This device really works, a couple of days in and the dogs are barely heard. Small price to pay to restore my serenity.

Michael Hutchinson
It works

Had a very loud barking Dog outside of our bedroom window. The Dog would start barking from 8:30pm to sunrise. It would bark at anything randomly during the night, extremely loud, interrupted sleep all night.
Placed the Goodlife Dog silencer so it is in line of sight of the Dog and have had 7 days bark free and peaceful sleep.
If you ever invent a "Doof Doof" loud horrible music deterrent , then I'll give that a go as well

Shane van Druten

Who would have thought such a small device would be responsible for peace in our household. Neighbours dogs are finally quiet.

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