Snuggle Puppy ™ Dog Toy With Heart Beat & Heat Pad

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Snuggle Puppy ™SKU: ED-TY-SG01

Snuggle Color: Brown Mutt
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Customer Reviews

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Jillian Searant
Amazing Snuggle Puppy

We purchased a Snuggle Puppy in time for the arrival of our cavoodle puppy 2 weeks ago and it has been a resounding success. Within 2 nights we were in a sleeping routine where our puppy only needs 1 toilet visit throughout the night and she is so comfortable with her snuggle puppy that she doesn’t make a sound when we put her to bed at night. In the morning she can be seen cuddled up with the snuggle puppy. It is well worth the investment!

Claire R.
You can’t afford not to get this for a new pup

I never write reviews, but we picked up our puppy today (black lab) and drove the 4 hours home, and he was a dream. I kept saying ‘thank god we have the snuggle puppy’ - it made all the difference, he kept cuddling up to/sleeping on it and playing with it. May well buy a couple more for when he inevitably destroys it. THANK YOU!

sue goode
Snuggle pup

Was a little expensive but it is so soft she loves it thanks

sue goode
Cuddle puppy

Very happy with the cuddle puppy it is really soft it is good even for older dogs i have a 10year old maltese a very spoilt maltese but when i have to leave her for dr app she goes to her bed where the cuddle pup is worth the money

Donna Lee
Snuggle Puppy

Purchased for our almost 8mth old puppy who suffered an injury, had to have surgery and needs to be keep in his crate resting for 6 weeks! During the day he tries his hardest to 'eat' his new friend but at night he can be seen cuddling his friend :)
I pretty much leave the heart beat on 24hrs a day, I think it helps calm him during the night. Wish I'd purchased it from day 1...... Highly recommend.

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