Ultimate Barktec BT-100 Bark Control Kit- Citronella Spray Collar

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Customer Reviews

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The yapper stopper

My 7yr old cavoodle, Bailey was a nightmare when my husband came home at night, with his constant excited yap that went right through your head. After purchasing the ultimate Barktec citronella collar, that was instantly stopped. He is now (when the collar is on) a quiet and loving little dog. Thanks to you.

Margaret Meehan
BarkTec Citronella bark controlling collar

I love it , it works extremely well, I would recommend the collar to anyone who needs help with their dog

No More Barks.

From the first time I put it on my dog have not heard him bark at all. It is absolutely brilliant

Amanda Green
Stopped a persistent barker

Worth every cent, wish I’d found this product sooner. Has literally stopped my 7 year old collies persistent barking and as a result helped her calm down a bit when at home. She lives on acreage and was just obsessed with the smallest movement from a horse, bird… anything! This has given us some peace and her a break from being so hyper vigilant.

Worth Every Cent

We purchased this collar for our Amstaff after moving into a neighbourhood that unfortunately is populated by residents with a reputation for being hypervigilant, bored dog-haters with a very low tolerance for barking. We have been keeping a bark diary (date/time-duration and trigger). Our Amstaff has never barked excessively or in breach of council laws, but with this collar, on 3 days last week she only emitted a solitary bark for the entire day. I would say that this collar was worth every cent. Now we can be left alone.

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