Large dog next to a Slither Away Snake Repeller being put into the ground

Snakes, Slither Away!

The weather's warming up - flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping. The best time of the year is here! But beware, it's not just the birds and flowers that are out… snakes. The snakes are waking up from their long winter's sleep and are getting more active. 

Snakes can be a real problem during the summer months here in Australia, and a bite from any snake is scary, but it's especially scary if a snake bites your pooch.

Keep your family, pup, and other pets safe from accidental snake encounters during the year's warmer months!

Where do snakes like to hide?

Snakes like to gravitate towards loose leaf piles, long grass and other spots they can easily camouflage in. This can make them hard to spot, so sometimes just being aware that they "could" be around isn't enough to stay protected.

There can be serious consequences for a curious dog, especially if you have a breed that has a high prey drive.

Here are 3 things we recommend to keep your pooch and family safe in the summer months. 

1. Invest in 'Slither Away Snake Repellers'!

These are solar-powered stakes you can insert into the ground to deter snakes from coming close to your property.

Slither Away Snake Repellers

How do Snake Repeller work?

Snakes don't have eardrums, so they 'hear' by feeling the vibrations in the ground. The Slither Away Snake Repeller works by creating strong vibrations in the ground suggesting the snakes feel a large animal's movements close to your property.

Snakes mostly want to avoid confrontation with larger animals, so they will instinctively stay away. 

You might have seen or heard that these types of deterrent don't work, but unlike other snake repellents on the market, which use only a single-frequency vibration, our Slither Away Ultrasonic Snake Repellers use a mixture of frequencies. This is important, as the snakes could get used to the single vibration and soon ignore the vibrations. They'll realise that it doesn't threaten them and move towards your property.

How Far do Snake Repellers Work?

The Slither Away Snake Repeller has a 40m protection zone. It is 100% weather-resistant and solar-powered. The Slither Away works best in packs and when the deterrents are placed no more than 25m apart. 

Learn more about the Slither Away Snake Repeller here.

2. Clear Up Debris Outside your Home

Since snakes like to hide in foliage, clean up all loose leaves and ground matter. This includes piles of leaves and excessive build-up of loose soil. Snakes love to make themselves at home in these areas.

Tidy up and remove any rubbish you have around your home and garden. Don't leave unwanted items out in the open, and keep your grass trimmed. It could be a snake's new home!

Be aware! On hot days, be aware of where your pooch is sniffing and what barking at, don't assume they're barking at nothing! Remember to carefully check cubby houses, tree houses and garden enterings, these are hotspots for a snake! 

Dog laying on grass in the backyard

3. Use Scents Snakes Hate! 

There are many scents snakes don't like, including smoke, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, and lime. You can use oils or sprays containing these fragrances or grow plants featuring these scents to deter snakes from coming close to your property. This works as snakes also rely on smell to move around.

Ensure the scents that you use are pet and dog safe!

Maximise your Protection Against Snakes

To most effectively protect your family & pets and get the most out of your Slither away snake repellers, we recommend:

1. Get snakes removed professionally first

If snakes are already on your property (living in your garden, roof or anywhere else), first remove them professionally. This helps avoid a "fight, flight or freeze" reaction from a snake. 

If you place a deterrent near a snake, they'll either Fight, Flight or Freeze. The most common reaction is for a snake to freeze. They don't know where to go when they feel these new vibrations. 

The Snake Repellers work best as a deterrent for snakes from coming near your home. So it's best to remove all snakes safely before you place the repellers.

2. Consider the layout of your property

Consider all entry points at which a snake could slide into your property.

If you have a driveway or path made of concrete, pavers or other rigid materials, a snake can use these to enter your home. 

Ultrasonic vibrations cannot pass through these solid surfaces, so you will need to carefully consider the devices' placement to ensure you are covered.

3. Avoid desensitisation

A snake becoming desensitised to multiple vibrations is relatively rare (though still possible). 

Most snakes will move out of the area instead of getting comfortable with the vibration. 

Avoid desensitisation by professionally removing any snakes that could be on your property before installing the Snake Repellers.

4. Install Repellers in the ground 

Deterrents work on most snakes that are moving along the ground. The device will not work if a snake is in a tree or roof. 

 5. Keep your property maintained

Keep grass cut short and avoid having large piles of material (corrugated iron, firewood etc.) that a snake could use to hide. 

Ensure your shed is enclosed, sandpits for children are sealed and remove items that attract rodents (prey for snakes).


As the weather starts warming up, the snakes wake up from their winter sleep and become more active. Keep your family and pooch safe with the Slither Away Snake Repeller.

If you aren't sure which option suits you best, contact our customer support team! We love to help and will work to find you the best solution.

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