Dalmation holding red kong toy.

Looking for more inspiration for KONG stuffing ideas? Here are 39 ways to fill your dog’s KONG.

A variety of ideas, from single ingredients to easy, non-messy recipes

Benefits of using KONG Dog Toys
Food dispensing enrichment toys like the KONG classic range is awesome for keeping your dog mentally engaged and stimulated. 

KONG toys, along with other similar toys, will keep your dog busy and stop them from becoming bored. These toys are awesome for calming dogs who have issues with anxiety, they tire out high energy pups, and they help distract dogs in overstimulating environments. 

39 KONG Stuffing Ideas

1. Peanut Butter - This common spread is a staple in most homes, easily
 smear it in the KONG with a knife for a delicious snack. 

  1. Broth - Plug the bottom of your KONG with some peanut butter, put the KONG in a yoghurt cup so it stays upright, fill it with broth, then pop it in the freezer for a few hours. Opt for broth that is low in sodium for a healthier treat.
  2. Canned Dog Food - An easy base that can be layered with other yummy ideas or is a great treat stuffed alone. 
  3. Dog Biscuits - Most dog biscuits fall out easily from KONG dog toys, plus you’ve probably got these on hand already!
    5. Dog Treats - Why not stuff the dog treats you already have into your KONG? At least you know your dog will love them. 
  4. Apple - Make sure you cut this up before you place it in the KONG, and don’t leave any seeds, stems or the core. 
  5. Carrots - An easy and cheap option that can be cut up or grated and easily mixed with other ingredients. 
  6. Cheese - This should be added occasionally as the fat content may add to your dog's waistline. Stick to plain cheeses like cheddar. 
  7. Peas - Another easy stuffing, frozen peas are easy to mix with other ingredients to add some variety and a bit of green into your dog’s diet.
  8. Frozen sardines - Proceed with caution, though this is a cheap and healthy treat, they do smell and will defrost. Ensure you give this to your dog outside only.
  9. Bananas - Mush a banana into your KONG or freeze chunks and add them in later. 
  10. Pumpkin - If you’ve roasted some pumpkin for dinner, keep some spare (ensure it doesn't have garlic, onion or too much oil). Stuff into the KONG for a fun and easy treat, it mixes well with peas and boiled chicken.
  11. Plain chicken - A healthy, filling option for your dog. This high-protein choice will keep your dog satisfied and is delicious. Boiled is best. 
  12. Watermelon - A perfect summer snack, fill your KONG with some yummy seedless watermelon for a refreshing and challenging snack. 
  13. Cooked Plain Rice - Another cheap and cheerful idea, keep some cooked rice from last night's dinner to make your dog an easy treat. Mix it with other ingredients to give your dog some variety. It is also a great source of fibre.
  14. Grated Zucchini - You can cut zucchini into chunks, or grate it and add it with other ingredients into your KONG. 
  15. Plain Yoghurt - Fill your KONG with some plain, low-fat yoghurt to give your dog a scrumptious treat. Pop it in the freezer for a few hours so your dog can have a pup-sicle. Ensure the yoghurt is not flavoured.
  16. Blueberries - Blueberries are a great way to get some antioxidants into your dog’s diet, but proceed with caution. They can stain surfaces, make sure you only give this to your dog when they are outside. 
Dalmatian holding a red KONG toy

Non-Messy KONG Ideas

When we talk about having a messy KONG, we refer to how much of a mess these ingredients may make on your floor or melted on an indoor surfsce. We recommend giving your dog their KONG outside, this way you can prevent any accidents, stains or ants happening inside. 

  1. Pop a small amount of cheese into the KONG, and microwave for a few seconds to melt the cheese slightly. Once it cools, give it to your dog to enjoy! This treat won’t stain your floors or make a huge mess.
  2. Stuff the KONG with your dog’s usual biscuits, and add some flavour by adding in a small amount of honey or parmesan cheese. This solid treat can keep your dog occupied without melting all over your floor. 

KONG Recipe Ideas

  1. Healthy Shepherd's Pie - Add some cooked chicken, peas, chopped carrots and mashed potato into the KONG. Either mix it all together or create a layered treat for your dog. 
  2. Delicious Dinner - Stuff your KONG with some cooked ground turkey, grated carrot and cream cheese for a healthy, filling snack.
  3. Keep it Green - Mix some peas, grated carrot, grated zucchini, spinach, parsley and cooked plain rice together for an ultra-healthy green treat. 
  4. Savoury and Sweet - Toss together some plain cooked chicken, diced apples, mashed sweet potato and some liver treats. You can also add a teaspoon of melted coconut oil for some healthy fats. 
  5. Low-Calorie Option - Mix some chopped up cucumber with cottage cheese for a light but satisfying filling.
  6. Sweet Treat - Add some banana, peanut butter and chopped apple to your KONG for a dessert-style treat for your dog. 
  7. Breakfast KONG - Take some plain, low-fat yoghurt and add some blueberries and raspberries. Reminder, these berries may stain so keep this treat to the lawn only!
  8.  The Ultimate Healthy Treat - With half a boiled egg, some salmon, dog biscuits and chopped cucumber, your dog will love this KONG, and you’ll love how healthy it is.
  9. Veggie Omelette - Stuff your KONG with half a boiled egg, some shredded cheese and vegetables of your choice (carrot, peas, beans) to create an omelette for your pup.
  10. Cheese Steak - Chop some plain steak and place in to your KONG, spread some cream cheese inside to stop the steak from falling out. 
  11. Just Peachy - Add some plain fresh peach with some shredded chicken, plain yoghurt and blueberries.
  12. Something Smells Fishy - Mix together some sardines, cucumber, grated carrot and a sprig of parsley, stuff into your KONG and keep it in the freezer for a couple of hours before giving to your dog.
  13. High-Protein - For a healthy, protein-heavy treat, mix together some scrambled egg, parsley, plain chicken, cottage cheese and a couple of dog biscuits.
  14. Dinner and Dessert - Add your dogs favourite canned food and biscuits with some peanut butter and chopped apple.
  15. Fruit Smoothie - Blend together strawberries, banana, yoghurt and blueberries and pour the mixture into your KONG. Ideally, plug your KONG with blueberry or some peanut butter, then keep it in the freezer for a few hours before giving it to your dog.
  16. Oat Delight - Combine rolled oats, apple sauce, chopped banana and peanut butter together for a breakfast-themed KONG stuffing.
  17. Keep it Simple - Fill the KONG with some dog biscuits or treats, and block each end of the KONG with cream cheese, cottage cheese or peanut butter.
  18. Cheating KONG Treat - Look for some all-natural baby food, you can find plenty of pureed options that contain fruits and veggies listed above that are dog friendly. Simply plug your KONG, pour the puree in and give to your dog or freeze. 
  19. Fancy Feast: Add some baby carrot, cooked beef, mashed potato and liver treats into your KONG for a fancy, savoury dinner-themed treat. 

How to Make Your KONG Last Longer
Freezing your KONG once it’s stuffed with delicious foods is the key to keeping your dog distracted for as long as possible. 

Freezing a KONG Classic, Puppy or Extreme turns it into a hard, delicious bone that will gradually defrost to unlock more flavour. Defrosting gradually gives your dog plenty of time to engage with their natural desires to chew, and helps manage anxiety and energy for longer. 

Don’t Let Your Dogs Share a KONG
Sharing something as precious and yummy as a KONG is a disastrous idea. You could cause food-based aggression in one or both of your dogs. 

Throwing a single KONG into two or more dogs will also create some resource guarding tendencies, which are much harder to train out of your dog. Instead, make sure every dog gets their own KONG and/or are separated when eating.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals
You don’t need to use strong, potent chemicals to clean your KONG. Simply use hot water and an old toothbrush or scrubbing to clean your dogs KONG. Most KONG products are dishwasher safe!

By avoiding harsh cleaning products, you don’t have to worry about your dog accidentally ingesting any. 

Take Your KONG Everywhere
Your dog can use your KONG in more places than the backyard. 

If your dog gets anxious or stressed, use it when their crate training, during a dog training class, at dog-friendly cafes or when you’re on holiday together. 

The KONG will be a welcome and familiar activity to keep your dog calm and distracted.

Create Your Own KONG Stuffing Ideas
With all of the recipes and ingredients listed above, the amount of KONG stuffing ideas are endless. Get creative with mixing your dog’s favourite snacks together to create a customised recipe just for your dog. 

If you’re looking for more enrichment toys, check out our wide range of toys. These toys will keep your dog mentally engaged for ages, and bust that boredom when they’re left alone. Shop now

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