Dog at the park

Is your dog barking without a break?

Are your neighbours complaining?

Are you at your wit’s end?

You need the latest and safest e-collar—also known as remote training collars for dogs.

They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually placed on a dog’s neck. When a dog barks or crosses a boundary line, the owner can press a button on the remote control, and the collar receives a well monitored electric shock.

Yes, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding bark collars. But they aren’t painful. Instead, they are a reminder for the dog to stop barking.

At eDog Australia, your dog’s safety and wellbeing is our #1 concern.

We stock only the highest quality dog training collars, which aren’t meant as a punishment, but as a training tool for pet owners.

We make training easier for you and your pet so you can get on with life and build a loving relationship with your new best friend.

Here’s our list of the best shock collars for training your furry pet.

Dogtra YS600 Dog Bark Collar

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Dogtra YS600 Dog Bark Collar-Medium Large Stubborn Dog

Why do we love the Dogtra YS600 Dog Bark Collar? Because we have proven it as one of the most efficient bark collars for stubborn dogs who don’t want to quit barking.

This shock collar has sturdy buckles made of mesh material. The 5/8" contact points are plastic shielded. Because the dog collar is sturdy and well made, it’ll be able to withstand anything your dog tries to do with it.

The training collar has a modern anti-bark technology, which includes:

  • Bark indicator — Lets the owner know if there’s excessive barking.
  • Persistent bark indicator — Lets the owner know if the shock level is too low.

Other notable features include:

  • Ten intensity settings
  • Waterproof
  • Lithium-Ion battery fully charged in 2 hours.
  • High-performance pager

With this electric dog collar, your dog will be well-behaved in no time.

Here’s what others had to say about it:

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Julian Mocanu | Customer Review

Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar

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Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar- small-medium dog

The second on our list of the best dog training collars is the Dogtra YS300 Yapper Stopper.

It’s specifically designed for small to medium dogs, and it’s one of the safest bark control collars out there.

It’s safe, and a perfect bark behaviour improvement tool is that dogs will first get a non-electrical warning before the actual electric shock. This quickly teaches dogs to stop barking.

This remote training collar has a microprocessor and advanced sound analysis technology. It will catch your dog’s sound pattern even when there’s a lot of ambient noises around.

Other prominent features include:

  • Six intensity levels
  • Waterproof and Submersible
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery charged in 2 hours
  • Tri-Colour LED battery life indicator

Here’s what others had to say about it:

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Andrew Cambridge | Customer Review

Dogtra YS200 Dog Bark Collar

Dogtra YS200 Dog Bark Collar- tiny dogs
Dogtra YS200 Dog Bark Collar- tiny dogs

If you have a small furry baby, Dogtra YS-200 is the collar for you.

This advanced technology training collar has a vibration sensor — the soft round rubber found between the contact probes — and detects the vibration from the dog’s voice box.

It works by emitting a level of static correction which the owner chooses. In this way, dogs know they should stop barking.

There are six intensity levels to choose from — 1 the lowest and 6 being the highest one.

With this collar, not only will your pet stop barking, but you can train them to stop howling or making other unwanted sounds.

You’ll never have to fear for your dog being punished for noise that it didn’t make because the shock collar has an innovative sensor that distinguishes between the dog’s bark and other ambient sounds.

Other notable features include:

  • Vibration “warning” feature
  • Waterproof
  • LED indicator which shows remaining battery life
  • Replaceable lithium batteries
  • Bark recognition features
  • Comfortable for long-term wear

Here’s what others had to say about it:

Helen Radvan Customer Review
Helen Radvan | Customer Review

Aetertek AT-919A Bark Control Collar

Aetertek AT-919A Bark Control Collar -Medium Large Dog
Aetertek AT-919A Bark Control Collar -Medium Large Dog

The Aetertek AT-919A bark dog training collar is another excellent option for medium to large dogs.

This collar will emit a beep once the first bark happens.

If the barking doesn't stop, a vibration correction will follow. If this doesn’t help, and your dog keeps barking loudly and frequently, the pet will feel a quick shock correction.

The electric dog collar is safe for your pet, and it has a technology that distinguishes between a bark and other dog behaviour, like scratching and running.

Note: This collar is automatic, and it doesn’t require a remote, which makes it even easier to use, as the collar corrects dogs behaviour without the owner having to use a remote.

How to Set up the Collar?

  1. Plug in the charging cable at the USB end of the AC adapter
  2. Plug it into a source of power
  3. Plug the other end straight into the collar piece
  4. You’ll hear a beep when you plug it in
  5. Once fully charged, remove it from the power source
  6. Use the magnet to switch it on and off
  7. Hold the magnet to the small circle on the top of the collar
  8. To switch on, hold the magnet for five seconds
  9. Place the strap on the dog’s neck, and you’re all set.

To see the e-collar in use, check out this YouTube video.

Here’s what others had to say about it:

Sara Holgate customer review
Sara Holgate | Customer Review

The Ultimate Dog Training Collar Comparison Table

Remote dog training collar Dog size Dog kg Price
Dogtra YS600 Bark Collar Medium and large dogs 15 kg and up $188.00
Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar Small and medium dogs 4 kg-25kg $179.00
Dogtra YS200 Dog Bark Collar Tiny dogs 4 kg $139.00
Aetertek AT-919A Bark Control Collar Medium and large dogs 8 kg-60+ kg $79.90

Why Buy a Shock Collar?

  • Adjustable intensity— Modern shock collars give trainers flexibility of a warning beep and adjustable shock level.
  • Fast results— Many of our customers say it took them only a few shocks to correct the dog’s behaviour.
  • You don’t need to be present—The collar will work even when you’re away from home, which is especially helpful if your neighbours are complaining of the noise the pet is making.
  • Affordable— Shock collars are more affordable when paying for a personal dog trainer or installing a fence.

You can read more about how a shock collar changed the relationship between one owner and his pet.

If you’re not sure what kind of collar to get for your dog, here’s some helpful info.

You Can Also Have a Well-Behaved Dog

Shocks the dog gets through e-collars are never painful but a simple and repetitive reminder for the dog to stop barking.

At eDog Australia, we aim to take the stigma out of electronic training collars by providing you with high-quality products and personal support every step of the way.

Our goal is to build an obedient relationship between owners and their pets and remove the stress that follows the training process.

We provide a modern alternative to dog training to owners who are struggling with traditional methods.

With our collars, you too can be a trainer and correct your pet’s behaviour.

Take advantage of our free and fast delivery in Australia on all orders over $49. Because customer satisfaction is our #1 concern, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty on all our products.

Check out our website for more helpful information on your furry best friend, such as how to stop dogs eating plants and five e-collar dog training tips for beginners.

Featured Image: Pixabay by BruceEmmerling

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