5 reasons why you need a dog containment fence

For every dog owner, the safety and happiness of their four-legged friend are paramount. One innovation that's rapidly becoming an essential tool for dog owners around Australia is the dog containment fence.

Also known as electric or invisible dog fences, these humane and effective tools have proven to be the best way to give your pet freedom while ensuring their safety.  

So if you're a dog owner and you're looking for safe and effective dog training tools, read on.

Our top 5 reasons why dog containment fences are becoming increasingly crucial for Aussie dog owners:

  1. Safety First
    For many, a fence is a means of keeping their dog confined within the yard, ensuring they don't escape and potentially run onto the road, get hurt by a moving car or worse - never come back!

    Using a system like the Houndware Standard Hidden Dog Fence System, your pet is given a boundary, ensuring they don’t end up on a busy road or lost, especially when you're still training your dog's recall.

  2. Reduced Anxiety
    Dogs can experience many forms of anxiety, such as when they sense they are trapped or confined.

    Having an invisible boundary rather than a physical one can help reduce this anxiety, allowing them to play freely within a set space and most importantly, give you the peace of mind maintaining your furry friend’s emotional well-being whilst staying safe.

    Need more solutions on how to manage your dog's anxiety? Check out our large range of dog anxiety products.

  3. Less Physical Maintenance
    Traditional fences can decay, be damaged, or even be jumped over by energetic medium to larger sized dogs - Dobermanns, we’re looking at you.
    But don't fret, eDog’s  4G GPS Dog Tracker or the Nemtek Pet Stop Solar Powered Fence Kit, needs far less maintenance and can't be jumped over, dug under, or chewed through. Yay! We have a dog containment fence solution for all breeds and dog owner needs.

  4. Training Assistance
    Dog containment fences aren't just about keeping your pet within a set boundary. Systems like the Hidden Dog Fence & Remote Training Collar in 1 System help in training your dog by positively reinforcing commands and discouraging bad behaviour.

  5. Flexibility
    For those who are looking at moving homes or want to be able to change the boundaries or size of the confinement area based on various factors (e.g. continuous positive reinforcement training), systems like the Houndware Indoor Fence Containment System offer flexibility.

    They can be set up in different areas of your property, ensuring your dog has a variety of environments to play in.

In summary, ensuring the safety and happiness of your pet is a priority for all pet owners. By using dog containment systems, you're not just keeping your pet safe, but you're also ensuring they have the freedom they need to be healthy and happy!

At eDog Australia, we believe in providing solutions that ensure a positive and obedient relationship between you and your pet.

Our range of containment fences is just one of the many tools we offer to support this belief.

We offer a range of dog containment fences, such as the Barktec Advanced Hidden Electric Dog Fence and the Wireless GPS Containment Fence.

Still need assistance? Chat with our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team and we'll help you discover the perfect dog containment solution for you and your furry companion. 


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