Dog waiting alone at the door

What should you do when leaving your dog at home alone?

Let's make staying at home a fun experience for your dog!

Unfortunately our beloved dogs cannot come everywhere and majority of the time this includes our work place! Ensuring your dog has enough to keep them calm, stimulated, comfortable and happy whilst your out can be a complicated task. As time alone extends beyond 3 hours we need to be aware that it isn’t as simple as closing the door behind you and wishing them luck.

At eDog Australia we have some amazing products to keep your dog from boredom, stress/anxiety and destructive behaviour. Along with products there are a few things you can do to help the process and make your dog as independent as possible when alone.


1. Stay as calm as possible when you leave

Although we want to shower them in kisses and hugs and say ‘I love you, I’ll be home soon’, remember dogs are completely in-sync with our emotions and  can pick up on that parting energy. Act as normal as possible, as if you are popping outside to take the bins out.


2. Get ready before you tempt your dog with a goodbye!

Be ready before you get them ready. If your leaving in the morning, have your garage door open, lunch packed and coffee in the car! This way your dog gets your attention without distraction. If you leave them say goodbye without needing to pop back in, they will begin to understand the cycle. 

3. Freeze their treats!

Place dog biscuits in large ice trays with water then freeze. Pop them out into a bowl (saves melting mess) and leave them with your pup. This way your dog has an exciting challenge as well as a gift that keeps on giving throughout the day.

4. Ensure if they are inside, they have fresh air as well as some company.

The radio or tv is great! Talk back programs are the best, they provide continuous chatting without sudden changes in pitch.


Petwant W2-N Automatic Self-Clean Water Fountain 1.5L

This is a must have to keep your dog’s water clean, cold and fresh! With a constant flow of water this device gives you peace of mind as well as gives your dog the refreshing drink they deserve!


The Nylabone products are PERFECT for keeping distractive behaviour at bay. Nylabone has naturally flavoured, mess free and splinter free chew bones that not only taste great though last! With different colours, sizes, styles and flavours this will keep your pup happy for hours!

Snuggle Puppy

Does your dog young or old dog struggle with separation anxiety ? The Snuggle Puppy is here to help! Introduce this product to your dog whilst you are home as well as where they sleep. The heart beat and warmth provides a lot of comfort and security as well as acts as a soft snuggle buddy.


You can’t go past the traditional KONG. This extremely strong and durable product allows your dog to stuff, freeze and chew! Long lasting, the kong allows your dog to have both a chew toy and treat dispenser in one! 


Never under estimate the power of a good morning walk or ball throwing session! If we tire our dogs out before we leave they will be happy we’re gone! Hours of sleep and dreaming awaits them.

Mix it up! Leave your dog inside and outside, mixing it up daily will help break the routine and keep them interested in their surroundings.

Start them early! Introduce your dog to ‘normal life’ as soon as you can! No more than 2 hours when they are puppies however don’t let leaving your dog alone be a rare occurrence. The sooner they understand that when you leave, you come home, the better!

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