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 Looking for some help training your dog?


Sometimes it can be a challenge knowing what to do and how to do it and you need some outside help, this is where we come in! At eDog we specialise in e-training products that will ensure the training process will create a positive and successful outcome. On the rare occasion that this is not the case, we are happy to offer further support and either find another more suitable product for you or allow you to return it within 14 days.

Dogs are more than our pets, they are our family! We want them to be apart of our lives and adventure the same way we do. However they can misbehave and of course they are not to blame as ‘stubbornness’ can run in their genes. This type of ‘misbehaving’ can include biting or chewing, aggressive/rough play, excessive barking and running away. Sometimes those ‘puppy eyes’ don’t make us forgive their action and we need to step in as leader of the pack and begin our behavioural training.

This training is beneficial to both the dog and owner and does not need to be viewed as an intimating process, it can be used to solve the simplest solutions of big dogs aggressive towards small dogs, barking through the neighbourhood fences or pulling excessively on their lead whilst walking.

“Dogs are pack animals. "Pack" means that they understand social structure and obligations and are capable of learning how to behave around other members of the pack. Adult canines train their young by correcting them when they behave in an unacceptable manner (biting too hard, eating out of turn, and so on) and reward them for acceptable behaviour (by playing with them, feeding them, cleaning them, and so on)”  - Daily Science

At eDog we want to support you through this process and believe our e training collars and other accessories can solve your problems. Please get in touch with any concern, we are more than happy to help and offer our advice!


Words from our Recent Customers

Jenny Miller - 26/08/2019

"Brilliant! Worked from the get-go

This product has been great. Worked straight away on our dog. No more bothering the neighbours. Such a relief. Our dog seems to find the collar comfortable too. Would highly recommend"


Lisa Leighton -  23/06/2019



"Bought one of these for our bark loving fur baby and this purchase was after several failed purchases of various other "stop bark" products (ALL FAILED MISERABLY). Didn't hold much confidence given past history of other products but DAMN....these work and WELL!!

What I love about this is that it will give your furbubba a bit of a warning (that's 1, that's 2.......ZAP ha ha) and so your furry friend will learn very quick not to push the point ha ha ha. These work so well we are investing in another for one of our lil Jack Russells who also loves to Yap and seems to have taken centre stage!!! THANKS to the team at EDog too as they are really helpful and quick to respond and ship etc."


Jamal 27/08/2019


Great training tool and great service! I have 2 rotties who were aggressive around smaller dogs and had trouble with recalling them and I came across this product and brand. Still training the dogs but with the first 2 training sessions I did, I can now recall my dogs when I couldn't get their attention previously.


The customer service of the business and the quality of the product is outstanding, I emailed them with my enquiry and they recommended me options for my needs within 24hrs. Ordered the collars the next day and they were delivered the day after.

If you are having any problems with recalling your dog or training issues, I highly recommend this product!




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