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Successful Dog Training Words + Tones

The way we interact with our dogs whilst training them is so important! Dogs read our tone of voice, body language and selection of words carefully to understand exactly what we are trying to communicate. Here are a few points, ideas and suggestions for you to take on board during your training training sessions.

1.Dogs pick up on emotions!

They know when we are talking to them happily, nervously or angrily. We want the training with our dog to stay positive, the way to accomplish this is to stick to two tones. Happy and Stern.

Happy being a high pitched and excitable tone (similar to how adults can speak to babies or young children) and stern being a monotone, calm and direct tone. Sticking to these two tones will allow your dog to learn the association between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ behaviour as well as to understand when it is time to listen or time to play.

2. Keep your training words as simple and short as possible!

Dogs can get confused if you use to many words for the one command. ie. ‘Sit’ vs. ‘Sit Down’.

We suggest using one word for all commands as we can subconsciously mix them together which causes confusion ie ‘Sit Down’ vs. ‘Down’ for if our dog is jumping, dropping a ball etc..


Sit - Stay - Drop - Lay - Roll - Wait - Hungry -  Up - Down  - Keep it simple.

3. Get Low!

Dogs love when we bend down to their level. If you are struggling to get your dog to return to you when off lead or simply head in your direction at home, make sure are watching and squat down to the ground! Ensure you say the training word you have selected ‘come’ or ‘here’ in an excitable way and put your arms out. Your pup should be so excited that you want to interact that they will want to please.

Getting lower to the ground also enables your communication platform (face, mouth, eyes etc) to be closer to their level, this can increase your trusting relationship.

4. Stay consistent

If you stay consistent with the words, tones and body language you use whilst training your dog, he or she will quickly catch on to what you are asking of them. Practice makes prefect they say, so give your dog every chance to succeed by being repetitive and committed to your original training decisions. Don’t give up on them either, we should never underestimate the intelligence of our dogs!

5. Toilet Training

Toilet training never stops and positive reinforcement is SO important when encouraging your dog to develop good toilet behaviour. Making going to the toilet a happy experience every time is number one, dogs can develop ‘confidence’ issues if we skule at them during this learning process.

Reward them with positive language when they are going to the toilet in the correct area! Use the happiest voice you can find within yourself and congratulate them, a confident toilet go’er makes life easier for everyone!


Stay tuned for more weekly tips and tricks!

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