large white Husky being fed a treat on grass

One of the best parts of owning a dog is seeing the excitement on their face when they receive a treat or reward for good behaviour... or simply because we cant say no! Store bought treats need to be fed in moderation as a lot of them are very high in fat, salt, sugar and article flavours. Have you ever wondered why your dog is always so thirsty after such treats ? It's the high amount of salt.

At eDog we are all about improving the training you do with your dog and treats do run along side! We thought a few tips and tricks on how to keep your rewards healthy was very fitting coming into the optimal training seasons, summer & spring!

1. Don't under estimate the power of fruits and vegetables!

Dogs love veggies, just because they have turned their nose up at some does not mean they will turn their nose up at others. 'Watery' fruit and veg are GREAT as they are extremely low in calories and sugar, this means there is no need to panic on the amount they eat. These include Cucumber, Watermelon and Rockmelon (no seeds), Zucchini and Celery. If your dog loves 'the chew' simply freeze, they will love the challenge. 

2. Reward your dog with a Nylabone!

At eDog, we have Nylabones for all ages, shapes and sizes! Nylabones is a US company which specialising in healthy dog chew bones, these are endorsed by vets! These durable bones are flavoured with very little calories. Without the risk of breaking like raw bones, Nylabones are the perfect treat after training! Head back into our website to get yours today!

3. Greek Yogurt!

Natural (unflavoured) greek, yogurt is great treat for dogs! Now available is 'squishy' on the go packs, they are perfect for walk training where you don't have the space for heavy treats. The probiotics in Greek yogurt also fight yeast infections, which can help dogs with recurring ear or skin infections.

4. No Food, Just Play!

Another great idea can be brining your dogs favourite toy along with you to your training session. When your dog does well simply show them the toy! This is an awesome reward once finished too. 




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