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We know that barking is a natural form of communication for our furry friends, but unwanted excessive barking can be quite a headache.

If you're tired of your dog’s non-stop barking, we've got you covered.

In this article, we'll explore some tried-and-true techniques to help you put an end to the barking in seconds. So, grab a treat for your four-legged buddy and let's dive in!


1. Redirect your dog’s attention with a toy or a treat

Sometimes, a little distraction is all it takes to redirect your dog's attention. Engage them with interactive toys, treat puzzles, or even a game of fetch. This helps shift their focus away from barking and channels their energy into a more constructive outlet.

Let's say your pup starts barking when they spot someone passing by the window. In that case, you can grab a treat or toy, enticing them to come to you instead.

Another handy trick is to keep some treats near the door. So, when the doorbell rings and your furry friend starts barking, you can quickly grab their attention with those tasty treats and reward them once they settle down and sit quietly.

It's all about finding creative ways to redirect their focus and reinforce calm behaviour!

dog sniffing a KONG classic toy

2. Desensitisation and counterconditioning

If your pup has specific triggers that set off their barking, gradually expose them to those triggers in a controlled manner. For example, if they bark at the sound of the doorbell, play doorbell sounds at a low volume and reward them for remaining calm.

Over time, increase the volume and reward their calm behaviour. This process helps them develop a positive association with the trigger, reducing the need to bark.


3. Use verbal cues and train with a clicker

Teaching your dog verbal cues like "quiet" or "enough" can work like magic. Whenever they start barking, calmly say the cue word and reward them when they stop.

Consistency is key, so repeat this training in different scenarios. Consider incorporating clicker training, where the sound of the clicker is associated with rewards for desired behaviour.


4. Block external stimuli from your dog

Dogs are highly perceptive and reactive to visual and auditory stimuli. They tend to bark at anything that catches their attention. That's why you'll often find them barking up a storm at the living room window or along the fence. But fear not, because there's plenty you can do to put an end to their window and garden barking frenzy.

One simple yet effective solution is to block your dog's view of those potential triggers that set them off. By doing so, you'll help create a more peaceful environment and give those barking episodes a well-deserved break.

Use curtains or blinds to limit their visual exposure to potential triggers like people passing by or other animals. Additionally, consider using sound machines or soothing background noise to mask external sounds that may set off their barking instinct.


5. Give your dog a quiet zone

Create a designated peaceful zone where your dog can retreat to, far from the usual barking hotspots like front windows and doors.


This serene space can include:

  • A cozy crate with a soft bed and a crate cover or playpen, or a secure gate to keep them in a specific room.
  • Entertaining toys like a stuffed KONG or a puzzle feeder that can keep them engaged and occupied.
  • Use a white noise machine like the Anxiety Pod for Dogs, a fan, or even a radio to drown out exterior noises and provide soothing background sounds.


By replacing the external "threat" with calming elements, you can help your dog feel more at ease, reducing their urge to bark. Additionally, if your dog barks due to frustration or stress, some quality relaxation time can work wonders.

Remember, providing a dedicated quiet zone can create a haven where your dog can find solace, minimising their barking tendencies and promoting a more peaceful atmosphere for everyone involved.


6. Use a barking collar to stop excessive barking

Dog owners often turn to bark collars as a go-to training tool to discourage unwanted barking behaviour without causing harm to their furry companions. These collars use different methods, such as citronella spray or gentle static shocks, to curb excessive barking.

Bark collars provide a safe and effective means of training, ensuring a harmonious living environment for both you and your beloved dog.

A popular choice at eDog Australia is the citronella collar. Citronella collars use a burst of citronella oil directed towards your dog's nose as a distraction from their barking triggers. This form of stimulation is highly effective since dogs typically dislike the scent of citronella, while remaining completely safe for your dog.

Whereas shock collars deliver a gentle static shock whenever your dog barks. You can easily adjust the shock's intensity for optimal flexibility during your training sessions.



Remember, stopping excessive barking takes patience and understanding. By implementing positive reinforcement, distraction techniques, and training methods, you'll be well on your way to a harmonious relationship with your beloved canine companion.

At eDog Australia, we offer a wide range of bark collars help manage unwanted, excessive barking, which you can visit here.

Still need assistance? Chat with our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team and we'll help you discover the right barking solution for your dog.

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