Our ultimate guide to hassle-free travel with your pets

Travelling is a fun experience that lifts our spirits and makes us feel good. But for pet owners, the thought of travelling with their furry friends can often feel overwhelming. 

The stress of ensuring their comfort and safety during the journey can make some of us opt out of travel altogether. Not to mention the mess. A quick trip to the dog beach can end up with all of that nature inside your home. 

But what if we told you that with the right accessories, you could make travelling with your pet not just manageable, but also an absolute blast? 

At eDog Australia, our mission is to make this dream a reality. 

Travelling with pets unprepared: Every Pet Owners Nightmare

  • Safety Concerns: Ensuring that your pet is safe during the journey is paramount. Traditional means of transport might not always be pet-friendly, leading to concerns. You don’t want to see your furry mate sliding across the backseat of the car without anything to hold onto when the road gets bumpy!
  • Comfort Issues: No pet owner wants their fur baby uncomfortable during long car rides when you’re on a road trip or 4-wheel-driving in terrain.
  • Behavioural Worries: Pets, especially dogs, might exhibit behavioural problems when exposed to unfamiliar environments, for example anxiety.
Travelling with your pet

Road Trip essentials: Safety & Comfort for you and your furry mate

  • Safety First:
    Ensure your pet is secure during the journey. Safety is paramount, so a car seat cover with a safety belt especially for your dog makes sure they are well-protected.
  • Comfort on the Go:
    Give your pet a cosy space during the trip and protect them from the elements! A car seat hammock is the ideal accessory to protect your car seats from fur, dander, and potential damage too. It’s a win-win!
  • Maintain Hygiene:
    Stop that feeling of dread after your dog jumps in a puddle of mud. Keep your car clean and free from pet hair and muddy paws the hassle-free way with a SUV car seat cover to ensure cleaning will be a breeze and your car seats live to see another road trip.
  • Easy Accessibility:
    Have an extra senior member in the family? A travel friendly dog ramp will help your furry old-timer or smaller pets getting in and out of the car, so you don’t have to think twice about whether you have to leave them at home this time or not!
  • Maximise space:
    A car booster seat is great for your dog to catch the views too. Finding a car seat that doubles as a booster not only saves space but also offers a comfortable spot for your furry mate.

eDog's to the rescue: Say Goodbye to Your Travel Worries with your pet!

We don't just stop at collars; we have your travel needs sorted too! To ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your furry mate, we suggest: 

  1. Ultimate Car Seat Protection Kit:
    Safety first! This kit ensures that your pet is secure while travelling by car. Not only does it keep your pet safe, but it also protects your car's interior.

  2. Heavy Duty Waterproof Dog Car Hammock & Waterproof Pet Cargo SUV Cover with Extended Flap:
    Combine safety with comfort. These accessories ensure your pet has a comfy spot to relax during the journey, while also keeping your car clean.

  3. Car Front Seat Cover for Dogs with Dog Safety Belt:
    This is perfect for those pets who love to sit shotgun! It keeps them safe and gives them a clear view of the road ahead.

  4. 2 In 1 Dog Booster Car Seat Cover:
    Raise your pet's vantage point with this booster seat. It's perfect for small dogs who want a better view.

  5. FurKidz Non-Slip Foldable Dog Ramp:
    This ramp helps older or smaller pets get in and out of vehicles effortlessly, reducing strain on their joints.

Enhance the Pet Travel Experience

While safety and comfort are non-negotiable, there are other travel accessories that can enhance the travelling experience for your pet:

Additional Recommendations:

Need more help for your upcoming road trip? We have plenty more travel accessory solutions for you and your furry mate at eDog:

  • Dog Life Jacket - If your adventures include water, this is a must-have for safety.

At eDog Australia, we understand the bond between you and your pet. That's why we offer comprehensive support, advice, and training tips to make every journey a memorable one. 

From collars to gadgets and toys to grooming, we're here to support you every step of the way. So the next time you're pondering a vacation, don't let the stress of travelling with your pet stop you. With our range of products, every trip can be a fun-filled adventure for both of you! 

Safe travels! 🐾🚗

P.S Still need assistance? Chat with our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team and we'll help you discover the perfect dog containment solution for you and your furry companion. 


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